Spirit looks after it’s own

I had another reminder of this this morning. 4 weeks ago I broke down on my way to work. Turned out to be really serious damage to my cars engine and would be very costly to repair and take a long time.

Now the first sign that things would be ok was, after I had called out the AA. The patrolman came and looked and tinked but finally decided that he would have to tow my to a garage. The first garage he called to see if they could take me where fully booked and wouldn’t take me. The seconded could but couldn’t look at it to Wednesday. Well the car was dead and it wasn’t going anywhere so we went to the 2nd garage.

Now I was thinking of weeks of bus travel and having to get up early and getting back home later and it wasn’t a nice thought, Now the nice people at the garage seeing my situation said that they had a spare courtesies car and would I like to use it as they assessed the work that need to be done to the car. Great! What a bonus!

After a week of no news I heard from the garage, it would be a lot of money to repair and it might be an idea to scrape my car and get a new one. They where talking round £7000 to do the pairs. Now for better or for worse i love my car, I’ve had her since new, I’ve been the only person to drive her and she’s done to house moves with me and a lot of miles in the 5 years we’ve been together. So I decided that I would go for the repairs and worry about the cost when the bill came in.

3 weeks later I have my car back. The finale cost was £3000 less then they had originally quoted me.

So where does spirit fit in to this?

1, they found me a good garage to go to
2, they got me a countries des car to keep me mobile
3, they go the bill down to a lot less then I was expecting.

I’ve said it out aloud already but with a truly thankfully I heart, thanks guys, my friends in spirit world for truly looking after me.

Love and light

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