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Been a while since I posted again. But today I wanted to share some of the things that have been happening since I came out of the Broom Closet a couple of months ago

I’ve found some wonderful Facebook groups to join that have some wonderful posts in them full of ideas and sharing for the modern witch

I’ve also found that my creative streak has jumped up a notch or two as well. In May I treated myself to a cricut joy cutting machine. So I’ve been getting up to speed with vinyl and things like that

As part of working out that the witch path was the one for me I went through the whole identity thing again. You would think coming out as gay early on in my life this type thing would be easy now but did I really want to be known as and identified as a witch? The witch’s I knew from my years on the MBS Fairs tended to fall in to two categories. Really nice fluffy types that you just want to beat over the head with a big lump of Himalayan salt or they where doing there best to show the worst side of witchcraft by being witch n bitches. So I was a bit worried about how that would fit for me.

One of the parts of being a witch is to do you bit to move the idea of “the witch” forward. We are a thousand miles away from anything Disney came up with and as a solitary witch I have to live with the way I present myself. Also when you start to wear your power and truths in your sleeve you have to be prepared to back it up when the questions get asked. Or be prepared to fight for your life if things turn really bad. As any newly out gay man will tell you the fear of a bashing is very real

So in my little head I’ve put the two together. My witch creative side and my new hobby of vinyl cutting.

And I came up with my new hoodie design.

Now I always wear a hoodie, apart from at work as it’s not acceptable uniform apparently. I chose a hoodie because of the hood. It reminds me a monk’s cowl (the hoods that monks wear as part of the monastic habit) so the garment has monastic reminders for me of my days in the monasteries. The dark blue I chose partly for a change, I had black for my last two hoodies and partly because blue represents divine power and wisdom

The symbols down the right arm are the important bit. Triple moon for I am always and for ever under the guidance and protection of the Goddess. Pentagram is the my chosen symbol of my witch path. The double male symbol as it represents another part of me, my sexuality. Being “straight acting” gay is a blessing and a curse. It’s kept my safe from physical harm all these years but i also feel hidden as well. Hidden from my own community as I wanted to put that on my sleeve as well. The eye of Horus to represent my psychic abilities and the start of my journey in the “non traditional” spiritual pathways

Although we are taught not to judge others on appearance we all do it and what you put forward is important as it does give a glimpse to the passer by of what and who you are and in your beliefs. As part of my witch path it was important for me to put that front and centre and give a little viewing of what I really am. I’m taking ownership of my inner witch if you like.

We know that the word glamour is linked with the fashion industry but in witch terms a glamour is a way of hiding something by covering it. Making it look better than it really is. In most cases or trying to hide in plan site. Very useful in the Middle Ages when witch hunters where in every village and town. By using shiny vinyl for my symbols I’m using the essence of the glamour spell. In this case not to hide but to present forward.

So that was the thinking behind my new hoodie design

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