5th April 2020

woodland path

I hope that you are all keeping well and safe during this time of Virus and self isolation.   For those of us that follow a more soulatery path, it hasn’t really effected us as much as it has the rest of the country.   For the solo practioners and hedgewitches amoung us it’s been nice to see the rest of you try and walk our path for a while.  And I must say that most of you are crap at it.  For us the process of self isolation is a chosen daily path that we feel at one with.  For being a step away from the rest of the world we are able to be closer to the natural world and to the spiritual one.

Although my plans for moving to Yorkshire have been put on hold for the duration, I am very lucky that Im currently glamping out in the country side of West Berkshire.  True to my Tradition we are the last house in the village and just over the garden fence I am surroudned by woodland.  I wake up every morning in the dabbled shade of the Oak’s, Ash and pine trees with the birds singing.  Spring is now with us and the woodland floor is bursting with wild primrose and the daffodils.   We have Monk Jack deer in the wood and Im sure over the last week I’ve heard a cucko in the woods as well.  We also have a pair of Foxes close by and in the evening you can hear the Vixon barking as the sun goes down.  We have grey squrils running up and down the trees and along the telephone wire connected to the house.

The Hedgerow herbs are growing and I’ve spotted some lovely Borage, wild Sage.  I’m sure there are loads more that I’m missing and I wish I had my herb books with me, but they have already made the trip up the M1 and are waiting for me to join them.

I know I’m also lucky that as a Key worker I am still going in to work and am able to be earning.   I know lots of you will have finanicle worrys to be dealing with too, which can’t be easy.

The Goddess is truly watching over me at this time and I do feel blessed.

I have been doing a lot of writing and have started to pull togther idea’s for a workshop that Racheal and myself have penciled in for November (more news about that closer to the time).   As most of you know I am a great beliver in the power of Journaling and all my spiritual, mental health journaling is paying off at this unsettling time.   Which is a big bonus for me and my life with PTSD and anxiety.  Im also contuning my studys and have a Centre of Excelance course waiting for me to start in the coming week.

So at the moment life is good and I’m keeping busy.

I would encourage all of you to keep up with your spiritual practise’s during this time.  Mindfulness when your out on your dialy exercise will help bring down the anxiety and stress levels, take a turn aorund the local park or step in to the energy of the local woods, as I am doing every day.  The weather is warming up and it’s a great time to be out watchin nature come back alive after a very wet and windy winter.

Now the clocks have gone forward you can take time to meditate out in the garden in the evening sun.  This really is a time to be able to take a step back and just be.  Allow your own spirutal energy to flow and see whre it takes you.  Question your life before virus and come up with ways you can make it better when you are back to work.  Make notes so you don’t forget as you get caught up in what will be a very big whril wind of activity and stress when restrtions are lifited.  Use this time to see what is truly imporant in your life and how you can make that reality in the years ahead.

Keep safe and well, blessed be



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