28th August 2019

Right now I’m going through a big creative phase, Hobbycraft think I’m there best friend the amount of time I’ve been hanging around the store. I’ve brought paper and pencils brushes and paints and I am having a wonderful time putting down thoughts and images on to paper

I’m not an artist. A 5 year old would be happy with the things that I’m coming up with. Finger painting for adults is so over looked it’s an amazing way of getting things out of your system.

I’m still not sure why I’m having this creative spurt at this stage in my life. Trying not to over think it, which I could easily do…..am trying to express overly repressed emotions or getting out things I need to so or am I trying to re connect in to something…..I have no idea, I’m just enjoying the experience

What started it off was, I’ve been reading and studying a book I brought for my to self birthday present this year

A lot of what I’m drawing and painting is practice sigil a bit I have noticed I have started to look at the everyday world around me and kinda seeing it with new eyes, the way I think a proper artist would look at things. I’ve noticed the shade of green if tress and the angles of walls and floors in buildings.

This has all been a wonderful experience and I am so enjoying it.

It doesn’t matter if your good at it what is important is that you express your inner creative. Weather that’s be writing, which I always do, or by creating a picture with pencil and paints or making something with your hands. I’m a good crochet person too. And who doesn’t love a home made cake given with love.

Reach back to your pre-school days and slap some poster paint around and just see what your create. Allow the creative energy to flow and see what the universe is showing you.

I have found that it’s lovely experience and it’s doing a lot to lover my stress level as my world starts to change (more on that in the coming weeks) just a little tease dropped in

Don’t forget to express your creative and have a bit of fun

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