14th August 2019

Last night, the devlopment group that I run with Rachael’s Reiki and Beyond has our 3rd “field work” exercise of the summer.

So far this year we have been up to White Hill / Watership down in North Hampshire and we’ve also been around the Micheldever village where the group is based

Last night we went around Winchester city centre and down around the Cathedral

It never fails to amaze me the fun we have put in field work. It’s not ghost hunting or paranormal investigating, it’s just being in a space and using our physic and empathic abilities to read a space, see what is there, see if we can move old, negative energy so the space is a happier place to be

The reason we do this is because energy work is not just sat with clients giving readings and healings. Although that is important work, it’s also fun to just go out in to a space and be able to read it.

Up on white hill we managed to clear blockages on the lay line and removed old stale energy in the area. As we moved the energy the sun came out and the birds started to sing. A sure sign you have moved on negative energy

In Micheldever we had great fun around the railways station. Railway stations are always god places to practice your reading skills. There will almost always be residual energy from someone who took themselves over to spirit. If it’s an older station you’ll always be able to find soldiers from the wars waiting to be moved out on exercise or going home on leave. Also at Micheldever there is a train tunnel just up the track from the station and the energy coming out of that tunnel was very interesting and could really do with a proper investigation

Last night as we walked the Winchester streets we found residual energy going back to medieval times. I had cardinal worseley with me for a while, reliving his first arrival at the cathedral as archbishop. We also had people who had been held in prison, beggars who had died on winter streets. It was a very interesting and fun evening.

We take the group out to experience these energy’s so they know what it is if they come up against something similar when giving readings. It also expands your knowledge of energy, how it works, how to work with energy that you find, and most importantly learning how to deal with negative energy so the space is cleansed and made pleasant again

We have one more planned for this year so keep an eye on Facebook events and posts to see where we are

Session 2 of the podcasts are now being posted up on iTunes and Spotify. Search for Spiritways to find them.

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    Great evening 💖💖

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