16th June 2019

full moon 2

After an amazing day yesterday at our Crystal Healing workshop and as it’s the first of night of the 3 Full Moon nights tonight, I thought I would postup a little how to for Moon Water.

Making Moon water is very simple, it’s all in the timing.   For the best results for Moon water it’s best to make it on eaither of the first two nights of the full moon.  If you are following a Moon Spell or useing it to make Crystal Essences, which is one of the use’s for Moon Water then the timing is slightly differant.  But for simple moon water then first two nights are best.

bottled mineral water




I use bottled shop brought mineral water, you can but large inexpenses bottles form most super markets.  As long as it’s not tap water then any other water will do.  Collected rain water may be used, but I would recomeded putting it through a filter of some sort just to get the bug life out of it. I would also be carefull about drinking large amounts of it too, just in case.

glass jug.jpg



You can decant the water in to a glass jug if you wish, just put a bit of cheese cloth over the jug just to stop the bug from’s falling in to it.

Set an intent to the water.  You can do that as your tradition dictates.  Say a prayer over it, send out the thoughts to the Universe, mumble an incarnation over it.  But the intention should be that the moon bless your water with it’s energy so that you can use it.  Allow the water to stay out all night and first thing in the morning pop the lid back on and the moon water is ready for use.  Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight, I keep mine uder my desk.   To keep the water topped up with energy I but the remaning water out for a top up at the next full moon when I put my Crystals out.

What would you use Moon water for?

I use it for cleansing Crystals, making Crystal essnces, cleaning and blessing magik tools.  It also the bases for some love spells and protectin spells.

I hope you have fun making and useing your water.  Just remember as always the 3 fold rule.  The energy you send out is the energy you get back.

Love and light


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