8th June 2019

Good evening all it’s been a while since I posted so I just wanted to tell you about what’s been happening the last 24hrs.

Last night I was very luck to be at a Ladies Pamper evening at the White Hart in Andover, run by Andover Alternatives. I love doing these type of evening as you never know what type of reading you’ll be giving and how you might be able to help the people that come to your table.

This afternoon I was at Winchester Church Psychic cuppa afternoon again doing “Speed dating” readings. Speed dating readings is what I affectional call it when you do 3 or more 15 – 20 minutes readings one after another. it’s just like speed dating, bell rings and you change partners.

Anyway I’ve done 10 readings in the last 24hrs. The connecting theme with most of the readings has been balance.

Because I’m talking about muggles here, I’m not talking about the energy balance that we as light workers need to maintain to be able to do our job. It’s the need to keep a balance in our life’s. The need to have a work, life, personal, family balance.

In the modern world we are required to be always on the go. It’s very hard to call a stop and just be for a small moment. But it is so essential that you do.

With out taking that moment to breath and just be in the moment you are allowing the pressure’s of life to come out of balance and that’s when things start to go wrong. From personal experience I know that when my work life took me off balance I was then very ill for a very long time. That I need to take 6 months off working to get back on balance again.

I would suggest to you all that you take time to make sure that you keep your balance.

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