1st January 2019










Today I got to do something that I only get to do once a year, and it is one of the few things I really look forward to. I opened this years diary.

365 days of endless possibility’s that can be filled with as much wonder and amazement as you can pack in. You see, it’s your life and you can do just about what ever you want to do with it. A wise man once said to me that you can’t control what life throws at you, but you can chose to control how your react to it. And those have been my watch words ever since. It’s not always easy, but then not a lot in life is these days. But it’s wise words to try and live by.

The joy of new diary may only be apparent to stationary geeks like me but just think about it. If you had 365 days to fill with only the things you want to do with them what would you fill yours with?

I fill mine with Birthdays and Anniversary’s of those who I love so that I can send them good wishes’ and positive energy on there special days.

I note down my daily tarot reading so that I’ve got a record of what guidance I’ve had through for the day

I also add in the full moon dates and the dates of the major feast’s and festivals for the year. Mine are a mix of the Wiccan tradition and Saints of the Christian year that I want to keep.

I add in my daily meditation notes, as well as any thoughts and feelings that I had come in through the day. So that my link with Spirit is recorded, so I can go back and check what I’ve been getting through.

So my diary is filled with Love and link’s with Spirit and I think that sounds like a good way to fill 365 days.

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