December chit chat 2018

On the last chit chat of this year it was wonderful to sit and share stories of our Christmas traditions. No matter our back grounds or where we are right now in our lives the best Christmas’s we remembered where when the whole extended families used to come together and share that special festive time. In this day when famlies are spread over many miles, even country’s its the magic of the season that can still draw us together.

It’s important to, we discovered to pass on family traditions to our young ones. Do you dec the halls in November, half way through December or on Christmas Eve? Do you trudge off to midnight mass on a cold frosty Christmas Eve night, or is listening to the Nine lessons and carols from kings collage part of your family’s traditions. Does your mum still use the paper star you made in reception class at school, are your great grannys Christmas tree bubbles still given a loving home nestled in the depths of your tree so the dog can’t knock them off with his tail?

Perhaps you observe some of the older pagan traditions, although even the modern Victorian Christmas is still based around most of them if you think about it.

Do you buy in to the whole commercial Christmas and pray the credit card will take the strain?

No matter how you keep your traditions over the festive session we all agreed that it’s family, be that blood relations or the family you have made for yourself that counts most at this time of year. We gave thanks to the community projects that try and bring lonely and single person households together for the day and sent them love and light.

This is the last report from chit chat for this year and from winnall community centre. From January we will be in our new home at the warren centre in micheldever

Love light and Christmas’s blessings to you and your loved ones this festive season

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