November Chit Chat

It was so good to have 10 people for this months Chit Chat group, last night in Winnall. This month our main theme was Spirit Guides. What you can expect from them, what they will help you out with. Looking at Guides from the Psychic / Mediumship point of view we found out that your guide is your best friend in Spirit and you can rely on them to point your in the right direction.


The best way to get to know your Guide is by just being in the moment, and asking them to come through to you. Guide energys are bigger and stronger then that of a Spirit person, but not as big as Anglic energys. Once you’ve got used to the energy of your guide you can talk to them and ask them all sort’s of questions. My guide, Sam, loves to talk and will chatter on for hours for I let him.

There are all sort’s of Guides that you can get to know. You may have an animal guide that you can get to know, Dragon Guide and you will have a Gaurdian Angel as well.

Don’t worry if you Guide hasn’t come forwad for you yet. Trust that they are there. You can ask them to give you a sign that they are around. Some of us said that they tickle the end of your nose, or you can feel that they have put there hands on your shoulders. Never worry that they aren’t they and arent working for you.

As always we drifted off on subjects and followed thoughts from the group to explore other area’s of energy work. This is always a good and posative thing because we cover topics that need to be covered for someone in the group that night. We touched on Higher-self work and how to keep yourself grounded.

Next month we will be looking at the traditions of the Yule session. Every body is welcome. It will be the last Chit Chat group at Winnal before we move to our new home at The Warren Centre in Michldever in January.


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