There’s a kind of Hush

As some of you will know, the way Spirit trys to get my attention during readings and meditation is to plant a song or a phrase from a song in to my mind. And so it was tonight. I’ve had the phrase….there’s a kind of hush…..going around my head during most of tonights meditation group that we run on a wednesday. This, as I remember it is a Carpenters song…..or that’s the version I heard.

And tonight as Pope Francis takes to the world stage and to his first days in his new role, it feels like Spirit world has breathed a collective sigh of peace and relief. I do feel that the Pope will lead the church in humility and with a strength that Benedict did not. I kinda a feel that it’s like we got the man we should have had 8 years ago.

Good luck Pope Francis from this side of spirit world. We wish you well

love and light


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