14th October 2018

I love this time of year, the slowing down after, what always seems to me the fast paced summer months. Slowing down and getting ready to snuggle up ring the winter cold.

The leaf’s have started to turn as we get planning for 3 major feats in the coming months. But before we head over to them, I just want to stop for a moment and remember a feast that has already passed us this year. Round about the Harvest Moon (equinox time) farmers and gardeners throughout the land gathered to give thanks for a successful harvest. It’s well known that the UK can not support its self on the food that we grow, we have to import much of our food. A small little fact that was used against us during the War’s. But how many of us these days stop and thank mother earth for providing for us? It’s worth a thought and one that we really ought to encourage in the modern world. Nower days because so many of us no longer work the land, we’ve moved away from this important festival. Once it would have made sense when your life depended on a successful harvest. Now, as long as Sainsburys doesn’t run out of fresh veg and 6 packs of Alcohol, it doesn’t really matter to much. But I would encourage you to stop and have a thought for those that still work the land for us and provide food for our families. And to the Goddess for blessing the crops.

Anyway back to it, I always feel my most powerful during October / November time. As the thinning of the vale between the worlds of Spirit and out own plane starts to take place. If we take a moment out of our day we can start to feel the energys starting to leak through to us. The early morning mist’s that give the world a simmering other worldly feel, a glorious air of mystery and magic, where you can expect to meet all kinds of creatures and things of wonder, if you just open to the magic of the session. The evening sunset’s of wonderful red and orange that hug the evening sky in warm and a magical glow that you’ll find hard to find on the middle of a busy summer.

The harvest is safely gathered in and stored. Bunches of Herbs are drying in the roof timbers of shed’s and out houses up and down the land, an evening fire in the great welcomes everybody home as they come in from work. This is the time of year, of the great English mystic masters working there magic, brining us closer to the world of spirit. Who doesn’t feel the presence of Merlin if you walk around Salisbury plan in the sunset on a October day? You expect to see dragons sleeping on the hill tops and you can hear the great Oaks sigh and relax in the evening warmth before the long winter sleep.


Halloween falls on the 31st of this month. Pagans up and down the land will be celebrating with chalice and wine as they welcome the ancestors in for the feat of Samhain. Inviting them in and taking the place already laid for them at the feast table. Candles guide the Spirit’s home. Small fact – it’s where the Irish tradition of Jack O Lanterns comes from. Although they used Turnips not pumpkins. And it’s to stop the candle being blown out, rather than to ward of the evil spirits. That’s all down to our American friends.

The feast of All saints is on the 1st November. Why am I telling you this? Because it’s all linked. Halloween (the name not the feast) is taken from “All Hallows Eve” the night before All Saints. Traditional Christens will gather to give thanks for the example of the Saints. We should spare them a thought to, after all when the Book of Ascend Master’s was put together a lot of the Saints where included and we can take inspiration from there example. St Francis and his love and care of Animals. Benedict and his devotion to a holy life, Mother Thresa and her work with the poor. The examples are countless and should be taken note off. So on the 1st November we should honour all of the Ascended Masters and learn by there example to be better people of Spirit.

2nd November is the fest of All Soul’s I’m just mentioning this as it’s when the Christens honour those who have gone before. But it was typical of the early church to take a Pagan festival, hold it round about the same time, and rename it for there own purpose. So ok it was an idea nicked from Samhain, but it’s still there. And anyway in the Hedgewitch tradition you get 3 nights for each Festival so we can celebrate all 3!

So enjoy this magical and mysterious time of year. Spend time with family and friends who have already crossed over the great divide and give thanks for there inspiration and the joy they brought in to your life. Acknowledge the Masters and there contribution to your own path. Seek out the natural beauty and peace of this time of year and be still for a moment and let the energies take you to a better state of mind and know peace in your heart.

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