6th October 2018

Reflections on Chit Chat Group


If you’ve never been to our Chit Chat group (1st Monday of the month) I thought I’d give a little reflection on this months gathering

As usual there was a wide range of abilities and people at group this month. From one person just starting out on their Spiritual path, two new Reiki Practitioners and a Psychic-in-development. And me. Most of the evening chatter was centred around healing and how the Reiki 2 atunements can open up your aura so that you can start to build up your Psychic awareness and learn how to develop it.

This was true for me, as it was the Reiki 2 that cracked open my higher chakras and allowed me to start using my Psychic energies to the full. Although I’ve never heard about that happening with other forms of Healing I would like to think that it’s not just the Reiki that does that.

One thing that Id not thought about before (because it didn’t happen to me like this) is how scary it can be hearing the voices of Spirit people/guides/angels can be for the first time. I freely admit that I never had a problem with it. I suppose I just accepted it for what it was. That I was hearing voices didn’t freak me out at all. But I understand that for some people it can be very scary. When we say that we hear voices, very few of us actually do hear “voices” , it’s very rare that a new Psychic will hear the actual voice (style, accent) of the Spirit person. What we hear is usually spoken in the same voice as your own internal monologue. The voice of your mind, if you like. It’s like having a thought, but it’s not your thought. And this is something that needs to be mindful off. In early readings it’s some time difficult to determine what comes from Spirit and what is generated by your own mind. Sometimes, in the middle of a reading the voice will stop and your own mind gives you something to fill in the gab. You do as you’ve been taught and give it out, you get a no from your sitter, which doesn’t help when your in early stages of development. What you need to do is let the energy flow and just ride though the gap. It’ll pick up again, just trust Spirit.

I think that I didn’t have a problem with hearing voices is because of the way that I work. Because I have to be able to “feel” the connection first. If I don’t “feel” it, then what I’m “hearing” can’t be from Spirit. I have to be able to “feel” the connection before I can go ahead with the reading.

One of the other subjects that we looked at was the subject of moving forward in faith. 4 of us in the group have come from formal religious back grounds. 3 Catholic and 1 Church of England. We decided that it was important to acknowledge where you came from. You don’t need to dump the Faith, but you do need to look again at the “religion” of it. Faith, is after all, your personal connection to the Divine and it’s that which you are developing. What your dumping is the teaching that you’ve had. But it’s still important to acknowledge it. It times of spiritual stress it can help. I still say the Office of Compline every now and again. To acknowledge where you came from can help to ground you when you get Spiritual over load. It’s useful to look where you started from and to see how far you have come. So if it feels right, then go to Mass, read your bible and give thanks for the start you had.

We talked about how to channel Reiki energy as well. It came about because an experienced healer will just allow the energy to flow, you can almost do it on Autopilot. This allows us to read the energy of the client, and give a mini reading at the end. This come from experience and practice. If your allowing the healing energy to flow and your intent is correct then it’ll do what it’s needs to do without a lot of input from you.

It was a very enjoyable evening, full of love and being with like minded people talking about connections to Spirit and Energy work. I’d recommend anyone who works with Spirit in anyway to come along some time and enjoy being in the energy. We’re always happy to help you work out any problems you might be having with your work, talk in confidence about any problems you might be having with clients and just sharing that special energy you get by being with people of Spirit.

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