Totaly random ramblings 18th April 2018 Finding a Spiritual Home.

At chit chat group this month we had a great discussion on moving around different types of religion, or in some case’s like my own, moving around the different traditions in one religion.   All we’re really doing is looking for Home, or learning what we can to add to our own experience.

Rabbi Blue (If you don’t know him google him.  One of the best spiritual writes I know)

did the same thing for a while as well, until he got back to that section of Judaism that he found home.  I think to be honest for some of us  its looking for some thing with rules that we can follow.  we need the structure.  Something to guide us, something to hold on to for support for a while

And I can relate to that.  Some times I need to follow the rules for a while, I guess it’s why Ive ended up back in the monastery’s at times.  Rules to follow, safety and peace, knowing what I’m doing all the time. 

There is nothing wrong in following the rules for a while if it brings you peace of mind and a upliftment in your spiritual life.  The problem is when you start to force those rules on other people.   Never forget it’s your spiritual journey and it’s personal to you. 

Of course the problem with following a personal spiritual journey is there are no rules to follow, other then the ones you put in to place.  The Wiccans are encouraged to write there own personal Reed – Wiccan rule – where they write down and follow their own personal code.  It can include just about anything from following a vegan life style to supporting local business and not the multi nationals.  It’s what ever works for you.  Im sure I’ve written this all before somewhere.

I’ve been reminded recently that it’s more important to have a faith, then a set of rules to restrict you.   My faith in Spirit, The Goddess and the eternal life of our soul’s hasn’t really changed that much in the last 8 years or so.   I’ve always believed in ever lasting life and when the Goddess appeared to me on one of my first proper meditations I’ve done my best to follow where she has pointed.   Spirit, the source of my energy and my ability, that understanding just keeps growing. 

I think I said in group that the best way to grow is to keep questioning things.  Further your understanding.  If something if proving hard to understand then you have to take it for a long walk on a deserted beech and keep plugging away at it until you reach an understanding.  You’ll either get to know each other really well, understand each other and work it in to your life.  Or you’ll decided that it’s not for you and drop it out of your life. 

I don’t understand anything past the basic 7 chakra system, I’ve read about the others, know what some are called and can properly point to where they should be, but it just doesn’t work for me.  The basin 7 is all I need to understand to be able to to the things that Spirit and the Goddess what me to do at this time.  I don’t understand decisions either, it’s making things over complicated for my simple head so I don’t worry about it.  I’m still able to do readings, I still meditate when I can, I still get message’s through so it works for me.  I don’t think I need to know what comes form the 7th or the 6th.  Wonderful for those that do understand, but it’s not for me.   Which is totally fine.  I know when I’ve got a connection to something not good, a lower energy or something really nasty and I know how to contain it and keep it from doing me harm.  That’s all you really need to know.

Finding your spiritual home can find you in a convant, in a SNU Church, in the middle of a wood, sky clad and dancing around a fire.  It’s what ever is right for you, when your soul and mind are at peace and you feel that your home.

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  1. Rachael says:

    Love this David. Love it when you write. ❤️

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