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should post more!  I can come up with the usual excuses of why I haven’t but the truth is I tend to forget.   Anyway that is something that I intend to change.   I’m going to be changing the way I blog.   Rather then keeping it to strictly to the spiritual I’m going to open it up a little and include thoughts from my life and work and the way that I see things. 

Since the heart attack I’ve been going through a bit of a change.  They say that things like that are life changing and I can confirm that they are!  Although I have made some positive steps – I’m eating (well for most of the time) properly, I’ve stop smoking and I’ve lost 5 stone in weight.  I’m now wearing things labelled with an M not XXL

But in may ways I’ve stepped back in to myself more then perhaps I ever have done before.  Not always a bad thing and I’ve always been happy with my own company, so I don’t see it to much as an issue.  I like being on my own.  I dis-like being with people that I don’t know or that I don’t get on with or agree with there out look on life.  Being Spiritually minded makes it hard some times to mix with people that are money centred and are more try to out do each other with their latest gadget’s or new car or that big of bling they have put on the credit card this month.  If anything I tend to stay out of there way.  It’s just easier.   It keeps my blood pressure down and I don’t have to sit and inwardly fume at their bull shit. 

Someone in the family recently committed that I’m a quiet person – I’m really not.   But as my Nan used to say, if you’ve got nothing good to say, say nothing.  Which coming from here was really the pot calling the kettle black!  She never was short of coming forward when she felt the need.  So the reason I seem quiet usually means I’ve got nothing good to say about the amount of crap coming out of your mouth. 

Kylie Grey recently in his raising your vibrations marathon of video’s, was all for speaking your truth and opening your mouth and saying what you need to say.   I’m all for that but there are times and places.   Also I have in mind casting your pearls before swine.   What’s the point of saying things that aren’t going to be taken in the way they are meant.  I think you have to pick your audience carefully.  Or you could find yourself kipping under the railway bridge.   

But to get my truth out there a bit more I’m going to try and blog more.   And you lovely people can read what I put up.   Some of you will know that I rarely read or publish the comment’s people put my blogs.  Most of them seem to be to improve my cock size, don’t need it thank you and I’m sure if you google enough you’ll find the pics, or trying to sell little blue tablets to keep things “up”.  Again I don’t need it right at this moment, despite the best efforts of the blood pressure meds I’m on. 

What I will be posting is honest, not much filtered thoughts of the way I see things.   And by not much filtered I mean the language used might be not what you would expect from a “spiritual” person.   Tough, get used to it.  Its’ the way I express myself.

Also now that I’m back at work, it’s limiting me a little in the things I can get to.  Not at weekends, but in the evenings.  I start work at 0730 so have to be in bed by 2130 on a school night to make sure that I get enough sleep to keep the heart rate down and my stress level under control.  So don’t be surprised if I don’t answer evenings message’s till the next day.  It’s not that I’m ignoring people, it’s just that sleep is more important these days. 

Hope to be posting more in the coming days and I’ll try to keep the wondering thoughts under a bit of control. 

Love and light


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