This morning I want to look at some of the Terminology we use when we talk about Spirit.   I’ll freely admit its one of the things that does bring out my OCD, even more so when I read the latest book or blogg from one of the currant “top” guys who clearly doesn’t know the difference between Spiritualist and Spirituality.   Does it really matter?  Well yes because it confuses people who are starting out on there paths.   When you start to navigate through the joy of Spirituality it’s easy to lose you way when people don’t use the words that they mean to use to talk about the things they want to teach out.    Get it?   

We are long past the point of the Catholic priest being the only person in the village who is educated and who holds all the power , knowledge and wisdom.  So lets get some of the basics clear from the get go.

All definitions are taken from the Oxford Living Dictionary on live edition.

Spirituality : The quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things

Spiritual: relating to or affecting the human Spirit or Soul as opposed to material or physical things

Spiritualist: a person who believes that the spirits of the dead can communicate with living people.

Faith: a strong belief.  A complete trust or confidence in someone or something.  Strong belief based on Spiritual conviction rather then proof

Religion: a particular system of faith and worship. 
As you can see Spirituality and Spiritualist are two very different subjects.  Both full of joys and wonders that are just waiting to be discovered.  They are as separate as faith and religion.   Being raised as a good Anglican it took me mean years, inculdeing my time in the monastery, to separate faith and religion.  It wasn’t till I left the church behind as a whole that I truly understood that you don’t need the religion part of it at all.  A true faith is yours and yours alone.  However I’m now discovering that having some sort of religious practice isn’t a bad thing and indeed helps out in tough times, more on that subject to come on other blogs.  
Spirituality is the acceptance of a greater being, something bigger then yourself, and trying to work out how that works in the way you live your life.   I don’t particular mind what or who you believe in, as long as you take the things you have learned and put them in to practice in your daily lives.   I greatly admire the way the Wiccans have, for centuries, quietly got on with it and let the rest of us get bogged down in mud fights about who’s God is better and who’s way of worship is the correct way.

I dont mind if your things is fairy’s or dragons, Goddes worship or Candle Magic.  If your in to Anaimal guides and Spiritual Guides then that is truly wonderful.   As long as it challenges you to become a better person and treat other people in a kind and Spiritual way then we’ll get on.  What I do mind about is when the ego start’s to kick in and you say your way is the only way.   Or when being up on platform gives your such an ego boost because you have a group of people hanging on to your every word that your forget that your up their to be the Meduim between them and Spirit world.   You’ll be surprised at the amount of mediums who’s ego’s are bigger then Montana.     

I personally think that modern Spiritualist’s are missing serveral things in the way we express our belief and who we happily ignore the spiritual teachings brought to us be some of the more understanding mystics and mediums.   We are lucky that we don’t have a set sacred text to work from and are free to pick and chose from all the traditions to make our own personal Spirituality and faith.   It’s a joy and a curse.   But finding your own way is part of your soul progress and it’s one of the better ways of doing it rather than sitting and learning by rota parts of a sacred text and not really understanding what your learning.  

So why does it matter that you understand the difference?  Surely it all means the same thing.     Well yes and no is the only answer to that one.  It does all get lumped together and I would strongly advise those starting out on working for spirit to embrace and learn the Spiritual side of things.   It’ll keep your ego in check and you’ll continue to work for the right reasons rather then for notoriety, monetary and ego reasons.   You’ll continue to work for Spirit as Spirit intended and your work will improve and move forward rather then stay stagnant and eventually it’ll be taken away from you.   

So it does matter.   

Ive properly sat on my soap box for far to long this morning and it’s time to get off and pull the splinters out of my bum.  I hope this little rant will help some of you on your first steps.

Love and light


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