David Palmer FPC

The history of Civil Celebrancy in the modern age began in Australia 1973 under an initiative be Attorney-General Lionel Murpahy.  It was driven by a recognition that the existing system was not providing dignity, choice, or a spiritual experience for many citizens.  At the time the option was eaither a religious or a civil ceremony designed to cover the required legal formalities. For many two either chose not to have a religious ceremony or were not allowed, the civil ceremony left unmet their need for a spiritual element.

Though out history people have turned to Celebrants of one form or another to help mark the rites of life and to help express love, loss, happiness and new beginnings.    From the Druid tradition of the old path right up to the modern Civil Celebrants we have been witness to moments of pure happiness and the rawnest pain of losing a loved one.

It was a role largely taken over by the Priests of Christianity in the west but now we have the option of choseing a different way of marking the mile stones in your life.   With the revival of the Pagon Traditions people are looking again at how they Mark events.   Hand Fasting is becoming increasingly popular as well as naming ceremonies instead of the Christian service of Baptism.

As a Civil Celebrant I would be offering services to suit your traditions and needs.  I also offer out some of the “extra” services offered by some Psychics and Mediums.   

But why would you want to chose a service to mark an event.    Spiritualism offers a non traditional option but with the element of Spiritual that some people still feel is important.   From Naming to Celebration of life services to some of us its important to still have an acknowledgment to the Higher Spiritual Powers of the Universe.  With my 6 years experience working with Spirit giving readings and leading Spiritual Church Divine services with my qualifcations in Civil Celebrancy and my own more traditional service training I can offer you just about any type of service you would want.   

Hand Fasting, commitment ceremony 

Baby Naming

Leaning home blessing

New House cleansing and blessing

Sacred Space blessing

Celebrantion of life service

I’d be happy to put together anytime of service that you feel is right.   

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