Spirituality in Spiritualism 

Spirituality is a broad subject and is hard to pin down in these modern times. Simply put it is the systems used to express an inner faith. Christian Spirituality can be expressed in Bible Study, attending church, living the Gospel message in your daily life.  

I suspect that the Wiccans and Druids, because they live their faith path in a day to day way, would say it’s the way you live the faith, followed by study – the opposite way of the Christian’s. 

I’m currently reading “Monk’s Habits for Everyday people: Benedictine Spirituality for Protestants” by Dennis L. Okholm. A perfect example of how St Benedictus Rule can be applied to the day to day lives of ordinary people. 
It’s got me thinking. At the moment I sense a deep need in the Spiritualist Community for something more. We’ve done what the Spiritualist National Union (SNU) set out to do. We’ve proved the existence of the Spirit world. We’ve proved that life carriers on after Death, that our Souls move back to Spirit world and communication with them is possible. 
Because we believe that each person’s path is there own to walk we don’t have a set of sacred texts to pour over. We don’t have a Bible. We are free to follow path’s already set by other people. Native American being a favourite, Which is an absolute freedom of the Spiritualist Movement. We are free to follow what works for us. I have total respect for those who wish to follow a Native American path – although please keep your drum banging to an acceptable level – Some follow a Buddhist path, others a more earth based system like the Wiccans. It’s all wonderful and adds to the richness of our Spiritual Journey.     
My own Spiritual path, in this life and in past life’s has always turned more towards the Monastic. As far I as I know I trooped though the dessert with Moses, I spent a little time on a Roman Naval Ship, I was with St Adian in the North of England when he first came over from Ireland. I spent time in, what is now Durham Cathedral round about the time they finished building St Cuthberts Tomb. In this life I spent 3 years with the Society of the Sacred Mission as a Novice Religious.  

The quietness of the Monastic house, applies to me, the chance to spend time contemplating life, the Universe and Everything is a gift I now wish I took more advantage off when I had the chance.

The draw back of not having any set rules is that people take advantage of that. The amount of “New age” belief systems available on the market is outstanding. Each claiming to be channeled through the highest source. 10 days with arch angle Micheal, Arch Angel Healing power, lean how to channel the highest healing power etc etc. Most of which come with a price tag. As a rule of thumb if the course attached to the system is more then £100 or the reading list included books only by the course leader then someone has a bigger eye on the bank balance then on the Greater Good of the earth and the people on it.  
Over the coming months I hope to be able to share some of my Spirituality and how the great traditions of the Monastic fathers and the opportunities they offer can be used to help inform and guide you on your path way as they have mine. And i hope it will shed a bit of light on to the Spirituality of the Modern Spiritualist movement.  
I hope by making public some of the Spiritual Battles I have fought and giving voice to my beliefs it might give someone a helping step along there path.   
From the SNU Web Site

It is through personal interpretation and understanding of any spiritual philosophy and how it is expressed by the living it that shapes the individual spirituality and guides their decisions in how they chose to interact with everyone and everything of the material and non-material worlds. 

It is by applying personal philosophy in all compartments of day to day living and by progressing and learning through life’s experiences that Spiritualism becomes a living personal philosophy. 

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