Passionate people

Passionate people
Recently I’ve been told, not for the first time, not to be so emotional. Both times it’s been in the context of “business”, well people I’ve worked for. The latest one from an ex Navy officer, who has had a lot of re-enters problems coming back to Civilian life.  
My point on this, it’s emotional people, passionate people that get things changed in this world. It’s passionate people, people that feel emotional reactions to things that get things done. 
At the grass roots level it’s the passionate people that organise rally’s, and meetings, write to MP’s, sort out funding drives, the list goes on.   
Do you think that if these people didn’t have an emotional response to their subject that these things would get done?   
No is the answer to that. Some one has to have an emotional response to Ethiopian children starving, someone has to have an emotional response to animal abuse, child abuse, anything that people care about enough to try and change. 
I don’t think that being emotional about a subject is out of line. It’s the un-emotional response that worry me. Some people appease there lack of response by opening up there wallet and giving to charity’s. It’s a good cause and I ought to care about it but i don’t care enough to do anything about it, here’s a fiver.
In the context of business, it’s the passionate people that start up small businesses, that take an idea and run with it. That have a emotional response, it takes a belief to do a start up. A belief and that means an emotional response.   
It’s once that business becomes bigger then the original idea and is over taken by the aggressive profit makers that it becomes soulless and unresponsive. That’s when people become payroll numbers and a resource to be managed. Rather then sentient beings with feelings and needs.  More power to the emotional responders is what I say.   

I think it’s an act of an person not being true them selves, not reaching in to their own understanding to be able acknowledge the passion in some one else. Telling them not to be so emotional is a sign that they can not handle people who are open to there own feelings. It’s a sign of someone who has trouble reconciling there own feelings. It is a sign of someone that needs healing, who needs to help to untangle the things that they have been taught.  
In this modern world the emotional has a bigger place, most have a bigger place, otherwise how do we know what is wrong and what is right? There are no hard and fast rules anymore. Gay’s can get married, black can marry white, compare owners can be taken to law over deaths caused by their company’s. Slavery is seen, very rightly, as an abomination. The world is changing, constantly, and it’s the emotional responders that bring to our attention the things that are right and those that are wrong. 
It is the job of the emotional responders to take on the bean counters and the emotionally dead and bring the balance back to this world.  
It’s emotional responders that bring the beauty in to this world.  The creative spark is an emotional response.   

There is nothing wrong in being an emotional responder. 

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