New symbol in my Aura

Yesterday as I was getting ready to head down to Winchester Spiritual Church for their monthly Coffee afternoon, where I do readings.  I was out in my back garden just enjoying the sunshine and centreing my energy when I was made aware of a new symbol that’s been placed on my aura.    I couldn’t see it but I felt the energy from it.  It was powerful, buzzed on almost all vibrations and felt very sacred. 

Well after doing some digging around today I’ve come up with this (image above).   From what I can find out, praise Spirit for Google, it’s a Seichim symbol that aligns all energy to the God energy.     Or in other words it aliens low and high energy in to Source.  

How it’s going to work for me and how it will effect the way I work I don’t know yet, suck it and see.  But I do know that my readings where better yesterday and flowed like they haven’t done in some time,     

It’s my belief that it’s been put into help with my new Ministry and it’s Spirit that have put it there.   As I find out more I’ll keep you all posted

Love and light

Brother David 

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