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Make your own kind of music. Mama Cass Elliot


I’m not sure what put that song in to my head tonight.  I’m a great fan of the old seventies group, The Mama’s and the Papa’s    California Dreaming, and Dream a little Dream of me, all on my ipad play list.  


Music, like all of the creative arts, is a example of Spirit working it’s magic in to the life of the planet and it’s people.   When you look at a painting, or sculpture, a stained glass window, anything that moves you deep in the soul.  That’s Spirit doing it’s work.   Most of the time you can see Spirit’s work in the songs of our age.   Gary Barlow, I believe is a great channeler of Spirit.   For the work of spirit can also be called a Muse, an inspiration, that creative spark.   All of it comes from the Cosmic Energy’s.   Song writers, painters, dancers, writers, composers all will acknowledge that moment of Creative energy that gets there juices flowing.   


Anyway back to the point…Music.   No matter what type you like you will find songs that touch you and move you, inspire you.  The creative energy that went in to them, the songs that are written from the heart.  That tell of untold passions, heart aches and loss.   As well as the songs that uplift and carry you off to better times.   Music is perhaps the most universal way that Spirit will touch every one.  I think that most creative people would admit to being moved to create by a thought, a moment in time.  I myself would call that spirit.   When I write I write because Spirit has moved me and helps me put the words down in a way that I hope people will understand.   


 Here’s a little Psychic tip for you.    When you have a problem that you’re looking for the answer to, or some words of hope, or something to see you though that dark moment.   Pop in your earphones, put your ipod on to shuffle, close your eyes and ask for Spirit’s help.   I bet you 9 times out of 10 the first two songs that come up will have some meaning for you, something that will help you.   I do this a lot as it happens.  Main a problem has been solved or a little more light give to a subject by using this method of divination.   Try it and see what results you get.   Mind you I suspect it would help if your playlist is full of lots of different types of music.   A good therapist would properly have a filed day with what’s on my playlist!   


And here is why that great song from the 70’s was put in to my mind tonight.   One of my biggest things is to try and get people to be who they are and not what they think other people want them to be.  An ex boss of mine used to berate me for being to emotional.     Now as a Clairsentient I always took that as a compliment rather then the criticism he meant it to be.  Lots of people, over the years have wanted me to be something else….more business like, more clinical in my deals with them….just as a side point, the reason why most big business people like you to be more clinical is because then they don’t have to deal with the human cost of what they do.  It’s side stepping their conscience. 


My thing always has been, that to be true to yourself and what you believe is the most important thing that you can do.  Be who you are and bollocks to the rest of them.  


gotta make your own kind of music, sing your own special song, make your own kind of music,  even if no body else sings along.

Mama cass 

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