Rev Brother David

As some of you may know recently I became an ordained Minister.  Why?   

Well a lot of it was for personal reasons and  I believe it is the next step along my own spiritual path.  For me it is an outward sign of what I believe is inside.  

Let me explain.   Meditating in the bath, the thought came to me that I needed to goggle ordination.  So being a good boy I went and looked it up.   First sight that came up was the Universal Life Church Monastery.   An American organisation that basically ordains people at the click of a mouse so that they can proside over weddings for friends.   A non-denominational, non-traditional church organisation.  That allows people to become legally ordained.  To forefill the law in the states as to who can officiate at a wedding.  State by State they are willing to provide the nesscacery documents to forfill state as well as federal law.  
What was interesting for me was how people then took their Minister status and used it to help other people on their Spiritual Paths.  There where Wiccan’s, People from some of the lesser known Chruchs in the USA.  In fact anyone who felt the call to be a Spiritual Leader.   And that was investing for me.  

Rewind a week. During the Workshop that Racheal Setford and myself conducted in Winchester, Psychic 101, I got in to one of those random conversations with one of the Lady’s who attended.   She was bemoaning the lack of Spiritual workshop’s in the New Age work shops.  Things that organised Religion used to do, but stopped doing when they began to wain.  The type of stuff that I was brought up on, and had teaching in during my time in the Monstary.   The type of thing that I had been thinking about putting together but didn’t know if their would be a need.  Turns out their is a need.     

I am very aware that the Spiritualist movement is very good a turn out “Sunday Spiriutalist’s”.  Those that turn up on a sunday, usually because they want to see the Medium on duty work.  They sit through the prayers and Philosophy, smile nicely, nod their heads but it doesn’t connect it with them.   Surely as part of the messages we give from loved ones that have past over, part of the message is about making our own life’s better, about being open to the possibility of spirit and taking steps on our own paths so that the common good is strengthened and we move forward towards a more loving, peacefull world.   A world where Heaven truly does become a place on earth.

Mediums who do platform work, have usually come up through SNU training and have very strict rules about what they can say and what they can’t.  But they have been trained in how to give messages, how to connect in with Spirit world and be the medium channel between worlds.  What they don’t get is any or very little training in the Spiritual side of Spiritualisem, and that is something that I want to look at and maybe be able to pass on some of the things that I know.  My tradition is Monastic Christian, which gives you a very special outlook on the world.   The teachings of St Francis, St Augustus, the early church fathers……the list is endless.    The Eastern Tradtions put the link to Spiritual work before the link to Spirit.   We in the west have always been very shy of this.  It’s your own path and you need to tread it being stamped on our heads.     It’s hard work and we shy away from it.   We’ve already proved that there is life after death.   We are Spiritual Beings have an earthly experience and are here to learn things.   For a lot of people it’s about learning how to make that leap from the material world to the Spiritual one.  

That is very true, it is our own path and we alone can walk it.   From time to time you may need help, and it’s been well believed that when needed the right teacher will come up.  From my own experience I can say that that is true.  But I had a grounding, a background in Spitual work.   Most people don’t.    Most people dont’ know about the universal law’s.   How to work the law of attraction for it’s proper use.  How to work the “dont take more then you need” in to their lives.   And some just need a gentle kick in the right direction to their next big step.

A lot of the reasons why I did it where personal, it set’s the intention for the next part of my path.  It gives me something to live up to, to be a better Spiritual Person, to cerment my own believes, to set my own Rule.   It’s the Dumbo’s feather if you like, the things that will give me the confidence to do the things I believe Spirit is going to ask me to do.  If other people are able to link in with me better because I am a Minister, then i have no problem with that.   If it gives weight to the things I need to say then that’s brilliant.  If it means I can help someone on their path then it was absolutely the right thing to do.   And it is my belief that Spirit have taken me to this point and want me to take this path.  

If you don’t buy in to the whole ordained Minister thing, then that’s also totally fine.  I have no problem with that.   It’s not your path to walk, it’s mine.   I’m not asking anyone to call me anything different, but if you feel it’s right to use my title then please do.  All I ask is that you give me your energy and prayers as I work out where it is that Spirit wants me to be and your strength to do what it is that Spirit is asking me to do.  

Yes I can Name you, Marry you off, bury you, bless your house, bless your relationship and do all the things you might need a Minister to do.   And I will do it to my best and from a place of love.   

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