Update on The 2016 Energy shift – a personal account – New Guides.

As a lot of you will be aware at the moment we are going through a big energy shift. Designed, I believe, to draw us all together, closer in the Collective Conciseness.

As part of this, some of the Psychic’s and Mediumes I know have been given upgrades on their Guides or have been given new Guides to work with.

Tonight during meditation my Guide set up was complete with the addition of a New Animal Guide. I know have a Red Dragon, called Drago. Looks like I need to do some research on Dragon’s!

Always as part of my main weekly meditation I put a wall of energy around my living space to help keep out the nasty’s and negative energy. Before I always used to ask St Michael to take his sword and swing it around in a circle. Tonight Drago put in a wall of fire as my protective energy.

This is on top of a New Main Guide, who has been coming in with me in the last couple of months. Sam has taken over from Howard as I progress along this part of my Path.

Sam is as far away from Howard as could possibly be. Whereas Howard was a very much a book person, learning through the written word, and that’s how we would communicate as well, Sam is very much a hands on type. He’s over the 6 foot, black hair and change’s his dress depending on what we are doing, but usually Jeans and a T. He also wanted me to know that he was smooth (no chest hair), when I asked why that was important for me to know, the answer was that he knew me to well! I have no idea what he means. Sam is what I can only call a laddish type. Seems to be broad shoulder and muscled, but muscled through hard work not gym. He’s not very well vocabulated, doesn’t use lots of words when a few will do, likes to sit and talk rather than use written language. He badgered me to talk to him when he first came in, where as I was used to talking to Howard through the use of writing, Sam most defiantly wants to talk verbally.

 Wolfie             Me

Paul                      Sam                 Drago

St Adian

How my Guides stand around me. Having no one on my Right Hand side is very Normal for me. Wofly – Gray Timber Wolf, Paul – Angel Guide, Sam – Main Guide, Drago – Dragon. And
St Adian – Teacher guide.

Sam also has a habit of rolling his eyes at me when he thinks I’m being stupid, or I’m having a moment of very particular “me ness”

If any of you know my friend, Greg Smith (Medium) you will know his Guide, Julius. Julius is very big in his energy’s and can fill out a good half a wall with his back ground energy, well Sam is about as big as Julius.

During tonight’s meditation Sam should be my Book of Life. Something Howard used to do every now and again. I know that the next chapter of my path has been written, although I never know what it say’s as it’s written in Angelic symbols, but I do know that reconnecting with Moon Energy is a task for the months ahead.

So as the Energy shift continues I’ve been beefed up with the Guides and been given some work to do. Will keep you all up to date as we work through things.

Love and light

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