My First public Philosophy, EVER!

I do love a Rabbi Blue story; I feel that I share so many things with him. Although are paths started out at different points, his Jewish, mine CofE, we both have ended up in the belief that what matters most is a personal relationship with God, not necessarily one that is littered up with the trappings of our Religion, although he did return back to his Jewish roots but as a liberal rather than an Orthodox. I didn’t return back to mine but moved on to explore my own path and have been wonderful blessed and fore filled in doing so.


For me, being honest about where you have come from and where you think you are going is just as important as being honest in your daily life. Principle 5, Personal Responsibility calls us to fore fill our God given potential to improve our own lives and those of others. Being honest is just a small step in that, but it is perhaps the most important.


Honesty is a big word. Its like the word love, it covers many sins. It can mean the simple and easy things of not stealing, not lying, owning up to misdeeds and bad behaviour. But for me it’s a lot more.


I had to be honest with myself in my early teens when I realised that a pair of rugby shorts with massive hairy thighs in them did more for me then a flash of a bra strap and a Double D chest would ever do.


I had to be honest with myself when I had left my monastery and realised that going back to Parish Worship, wasn’t working for me. I had touched and come to love something deeper in my own relationship with God sat in the Monastery Garden, then I would ever find just sitting in a pew.


I had to be honest with myself when I realised that this world’s biggest problem was greed, not war or drugs, or starvation or the religious fanatics coming from the east.


And I had to be honest with myself when I saw that Mediums and Psychics aren’t a load of conman. Well not all of us anyway.


Has any of this improved my life. Absolute it has. It’s given me the ability to stand in my own power, taken me on paths of Spiritual discovery and enlightenment that I would never have even considered if I’d stayed in the World of church of England.

Allowed me to reject the “popular Culture myths” and live life according to my own path.


Has it improved the life of others? I would like to think so. There is a CEO of a company I used to work for who I know, had to Rethink the way he saw the world, after a couple of conversations with me. That the pursuit of Profit wasn’t all that is cracked up to be. That, as lord Sugar say’s “Honesty and integrity will serve you more in the long run”. If only other’s in the business world saw it too.


Being honest isn’t just about every day stuff of not stealing or telling the truth to your wife. And all the things your Mother would have taught you.


It’s about being true to yourself, being honest about yourself and just maybe because you are, you can help guide someone else for a few steps along their path.


There is a deep Spiritual freedom about being honest with yourself. But it can be a very hard task to master. Being honest and braking away from “the norms” can be the hardest, most gut wrenching thing you can do. Being able to break away from what you’ve been taught from childhood can be so painful, that for some they just can’t do it.


One of Roses’ songs in the musical Gipsy is about how it’s easier to sit in your arm chair, pay your bills, knit and just left life pass you by. But think of all the possibles your missing out on.


I quiet understand that for some people it’s just too hard to break away and be themselves. There are reasons why, depression, fear, anxiety can seem like never ending daily hell’S for those that suffer their terrible grip. And to those people I send out love to them.


So many of the generations above me. Have found it hard to be honest to themselves and have the life they could have had. Stuck in bad jobs, bad relationships, bad situations because that’s what they have been taught is “the norm”. They find it hard to look outside of their own box. But what gives me hope is the way some of the kids today, even in their teens are getting the idea that being true and honest to themselves is more important than giving in to peer pressure and worrying about what other people might think of them. That the chasing of material gains and excessive profit is not the way to fix this world. I see it in so many of the young that cross my path. It’s a joy to see and gives hope to this old soul.


Rabbi Blue says he’s still learning how to be honest, we all are. It’s all steps on your own path, and that is yours to follow and discover.

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