Those little reminders

So today, after a full on week at work, I finale get round to doing a bit of cleansing. Light up the Incense cones and get the Smudge stick going, lovely.

But it wouldn’t stop! My room looks like I’ve got a Sea Mist in it!

Now why would that be? Very simple. I’ve allowed the “negative” energy to build up and it’s take a lot to get it shifted. Negative energy, bad energy, dirty energy, in this case it’s the same thing. It’s energy I’ve picked up and brought home. It’s take up residence in my room. This isn’t seriously bad; it’s not like I’ve had a big bad Poltergeist in the place, although I have noticed that some of my crystals have been moved around on my Alter lately, but I think that’s the work of something with whiskers, four paws and meow’s a lot rather then a visitor from the other side.

I’ve not done anything that I shouldn’t have done, not cursed up a hex or used any kind of Spell, that is in that grey area of light work. So what is it?

It’s the day to day energy that you’ll pick up. The “negative” energy that comes your way from being out in the world. The snotty email from your Boss, the customer who prefers to shout rather then discus things like an adult, the guy who cut you up on the Motorway. All in them selves’ not huge big blob’s of Negative but allowed to build up take time and a lot of Sage, in my cause anyway, to shift back down to earth so that they can be dispersed without causing any more harm.

So be mindful of what your day has been like and remember to cleans your living space regularly. Even more so if you have empaths in the house, as the build-up will affect them more than you think it will.

Luckily I had plenty of Sage in the house, otherwise I’d have still been sat there, with the Angels trying to shift the stuff. I know, at the moment, I just don’t have the Spiritual energy myself to do it alone. Another reminder about making sure that I don’t allow dirty energy to build up. A full on week at work, I shouldn’t have been surprised that my room was full of old, dirty, used energy. Another reminder to me that I don’t give myself enough Meditation time. Just sitting in the Power for 20 mins or so a day would give me enough of a Spiritual top up to shift things like this on my own.

So lesson’s for this time,

Cleans your living area regularly.

Spend time sitting in the Power.

Don’t let the build-up of dirty energy get to big that you can’t move it on without help from the Angels.


Light and love

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