Autumn Equinox

Good morning,

As the weather here in the uk starts to get colder and the leafs on the trees are starting to turn brown and drop, a sure sign that autumn has arrived, we look to the traditions for this season of the autumn equinox.  


Here in the uk, it’s Harvest Festival time. A thanksgiving to Mother earth for her bounties and gifts.  Traditionally a Paton festival, but like so much picked up by the early church.  Thanksgiving for a safe and full harvest, gathered in to see us through the dark days of winter and in to the early spring.


Autumn, is always my favorite time of year.  I like the foggy mornings, the warmness of the days, the slight nip in the air.  It’s a sign that I’ve made it through another year to this time of rest and snuggling down for the dark days and cold nights of winter.


The Jewish New Year has just been celebrated, bring with it the hopes and dreams for the season.   Our Muslim Brothers and Sister have just finished Ramadan and the Celebrated Eid.   


Although the Autumn Equinox signals the start of the slowing down of Mother nature and the start of the dark months it is also a time to give thanks for the Harvest, for the food and bounty we have.   It’s a time to reflect on the Past Months and Winter gives us a chance to plan the next year.  Giving energy to our dreams and hope’s, to manifest them for the New Year and the lengthening of the days in the Spring.  


So take heart because although we have dark days and cold nights ahead now is the time to give thanks to the Devine and start planning our next steps.   Winter nights are also good time to get in to a Meditation Routine as well.


We also look forward to the Celebrations and the Magic which is Halloween.



Love and Light

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