Colin Fry

There will be many many post’s today about the sad news that Colin Fry has lost his battle with Cancer and passed in the early hours this morning. I was lucky enough to meet Colin on several occasion’s, being “front of house” crew at “Evenings with” that friends had organised. I remember Colin was shorter then you’d think. He had a wicked sense of humour, it showed on his stage performance, but was even dirtier of stage.


Colin was a real ambassador for Spirit. After many years on the Church circuit he got lucky and got the chance to do TV work. Six Sense was the first time I got to know about him. I feel very blessed to have been able to meet him in life and not just on the telly.


What I remember most about Colin was his love and empathy, his fascination for people. He always had a smile and a warm greeting for which ever group of people he found him self in front of. And he had that gift that, that for those short second’s you where in with him, you where the only person he was talking to.


I’ve seen him work both as audience and “crew” member and he was truly gifted in the Skill’s of a modern Medium. The message’s he gave being truly heart warming and true evidence that life does go on. As Colin said “death is the biggest lie we have been told. Life does go on”.


You will be sadly missed by the Spiritual Movement in the UK. We have lost a wonderful Medium, a truly Spiritual person, and a good friend. The show must go on, he will be shouting at us now and so we must take his memory and carry on the work that he did.


My prayers are for his husband, his family and those he loved.


Divine Spirit, take the soul of our brother in to your arms. Comfort him and let him now the love that we send with him on the next step of his journey. Comfort those who will miss him and allow us to keep warm his memory and give thanks for the work that he did. Amen

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