New Beginnings

Good morning all

As some of your might now I have moved!

After a very successful 4 years down on the Coast, close to Portsmouth and the lovely views of the Isalnd. I have moved back to my roots of West Berkshire.

After I was made redundant from my job in July, i took 3 months off to consider what I wanted to do and where I wanted to be. With the guidance of Spirit, I decided that it was time to leave the safety of my Spiritual Friends and Family and venture out on my own.

I have meet and worked with some many wonderful people, learnt my craft, had my attunements, carried on getting experience doing public and private readings. Been to workshop’s and learnt from some of the best. Last year i did 8 fairs, 2 psychic suppers, attended 5 works shops, got my certificate in Crystal healing and much more.

Part of the reason to for coming home was to spend more time with my beloved Grandmother in her last moments. But as normal she was one step a head of me, and past back to Spirit before the move was completed. She is sadly missed, her love and guidance has left a hole that is forever going to be missing in my life. But I know as soon as she get’s the hang of the communication bit she will be on at me just like she was when she was this side. Perhaps she may even take over from her husband as one of my main callers from Spirit World!

So I’ve been back now for nearly 3 months and already I have found some new wonderful Spiritual friends and clients. I’ve had a chance to look round and ask around to se what I could do to help people and Spirit world back here in West Berkshire.

There are many things in the thought process at the moment and I hope to be doing some of them in 2015. I’ve started to look at doing a fair. I’m also looking for venus for Development groups and Reiki Workshops. So it’s all go. I also managed to find my self a little part time job to help keep the rent money coming in!

It’s been wonderful catching up with people and places from my childhood onwards and been a great privilege to talk about Spirit.

Carrying the love from my Spiritual Family down in Hampshire I’m ready for the challenges and opportunity’s that I know Spirit is bring my way.

Keep an eye on the facebook page for updates about plans and events

Love and light


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