What are Chakras?

Chakras are fundamental to an understanding of Holistic Healing. As they represent the 7 major energy points of the body. The concept of the Chakra’s is Hindu in origin, from the Upanishads sacred writings. The Upanishads form part of the Hindu Vedas, the name for the collective Hindu Sacred texts. The Vedas tell us that enlightenment can be achieved by meditating with the awareness that your souls is at one with all creation.


The two key Upanishads teachings for Chakra are the Brahma and the Yogatattva


The Original Models of the Chakras were adapted in to Tibetan Buddhism as Vajrayana and Tantric Shakta Theory. Shakta theory stablished the symbolic associations for each Chakra, it’s element, visual symbol, mantric sound and colour. The Shakta also teaches us about Kundalini energy, the energy that was unleashed during the creation of the world. Tantric practice focuses us awakening this energy at the base of the spine (Root) for specific purposes.


Sir John Woodroffe, Chief Justice Calcutta High Court 1915, was fascinated by Sanskrit and Hindu Philosophy, becoming the first Western student of Tantra and translated nearly 20 original Sanskrit texts in to English. Bringing them to the Western world.


Charles Webster Leadbeater, 1854 who converted from Anglicanism to the teachings of Madame Blavatsky after meeting her in India was the first to establish the idea that Chakras could be seen through psychic sight.

Chakras are the Seven Energy points on the Physical Body, as shown above. In the Western Tradition these energy points relate to your Physical health, Emotional Well being and your connection to the Divine. Energy travels up and down and through your chakra’s creating a balance that, ideally, should be maintained to keep a well balanced outlook on life and a healthy body. When one of your Chakra’s becomes blocked then it will cause an imbalance in your life and you’ll find things not working out as they should.


Starting at the top


Crown Chakra, usually purple in colour but can also be white, is the soul’s connection to the Divine (Universal, God, Life force) energy. It honours that, we as Humans, need that connection to be well rounded balanced people. A blockage here will cause you to leave your path for this incarnation. By acknowledging the Spiritual forces in to your life acknowledges that you are not alone but are connected to every other Human being on the plant and to the forces above.


Third eye Chakra, mostly used for those of us who have the gift of second sight. But it is also the seat of your intuitive self. The bit that gives you the feel of “this is right” or “This is so wrong” the gut feelings come from this Chakra. A blockage here will stop you from “knowing” right from wrong.


Throat Chakra allows you to speak your Truth, to voice your feelings and realise the negative energy you might carry because of others. Never allow yourself to become a victim they say, speak up and allow yourself to be heard. The courage to do this comes from this Chakra.


Heart Chakra, is the seat of your emotions, how you feel. To be true to yourself you have to honour how you feel. This is where you feel love and hatred, Warmth and coldness. Joy and pain.


Solar Plexus, this is where your life force sits. This is where most Mediums allow the Spirit of a loved one to connect. It is the power house of the Chakra system.


Splenic or Sacral Chakra. This is where the creative energy sits. This is the Chakra that gives you the inspiration to create, to dream, to build. This Chakra is usual very active in Creative types – song writers, artists etc.


Root Chakra, this is the seat of the Material forces. The earth bound forces. If this Chakra is totally out of whack then you will be focused on the material aspect of life, the greed of money and Material items.


No Chakra can stand alone, and they work as a system to being about balance and energy to your life. Without one you will be lacking in all other areas.

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