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Hello fellow lightworks. It’s been a while since I put finger to button. As I was walking along the beech tonight enjoying the sound of the waves and the lovely sea air that we enjoy down here on the south coast, I felt that it was about time I did a little up date of what’s been happening here at Spiritways towers.

This year I have started training to do Crystal Healing. My Tutor says that I’m a natural, which is always good to hear from your teacher! Very soon I’ll be offer out treatments and I hope some of you will be intrested.

It’s been a busy time with fairs and Evenings all booked in and some exciting things happening up Blackpool way in the summer. Keep an eye on the events page or on the facebook page for more info as it’s published.

One thing that has saddened me this year as I’ve been out on the circuit and around the fairs and “evenings with” type events. Ego is still a battle being fought in the body spiritual. I’ve come across more drama queens and self righteous idiots then you would expect to find at an average drag queen contest. It saddens me because I cannot help but wonder if these people paid a little bit more effort to the reputation of Spirit then there own self projected image, that they might be further along the path that Spirit set them out on.

For example. There is a very well known local Medium to me that would love to hit the big time. But I’m very sure that Karma blocks here from getting there. Some of the post’s she puts on face book!!!! My mum used to say…….if you can’t say anything good then say nothing. Same goes for facebook and twitter…..well any social media I guess. I don’t think Spirit gave us these wonderful tools so that we could slag each other off and in the process drag Spirit’s reputation down. I mean who would want a reading from a medium who spends half her life on facebook, posting unkindness and negative post’s.

I know we all like to have a whinge and a moan every now and again but that’s what close friends are for not strangers in cyber space.

Also very mindful here of a Yoda saying…….be mindful of your thoughts…….like attracts like. So if your busy sending out the negative then it will come back and bite you. That’s the point of Karma.

I know I have been guilty of this in the past. But I recognise now that this is not becoming of a person working for Spirit. And I have amended my thoughts and behaviours accordingly. Spiritual growth. And I can honestly say that chances to move forward are coming up all the time at the moment.

I’ve been sharing out on facebook one of my fav post’s from another site…..Buddhist Boot Camp, if you’ve not come across it google it and get the book!!

It’s a very simple post.



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