Mr Mandela

I can’t but help feel the sadness and sense of loss coming from the great African nation this morning. Last night we lost a true solider in the army of light. May the great spirit of mother Africa welcome him back in to her loveing arms.

I’m of the generation that grew up with Mandela in prison on Robin island. We went to the “a Free Nelson Mandela” concerts, brought the T-shirts and sang the songs. We supported and gave to free this giant of human spirit. The day the pictures where broadcast of him walking out of prison is one that will be burned on the memory of so many of us 40somthings.

One of my fondest memory’s of my days at St Antony’s was the year that during lent we read “the long walk to freedom”. Fr Anthony at his best, using all of his knowledge and passion for Africa to get the names right and pronounced correctly…..even the clicks!

We have lost a truly great man. A man who stood up for what he believed in right up to the point of being in prisoned for it. One of the talking heads on the late news broadcasts last night commented that he could have been out of prison a long time before he was but he would not do it on their terms. It had to be unconditional. How many of us would be willing to do that?

But that isn’t the lesson to learn here. Mr Mandela, although he suffered from the mother of all injustices did not look for revenge. He said……”you have to take the hand of the enemy and walk forward together for the good of all”.

Here is this great mans legacy.
This is the lesson to learn
Revenge does not give you the peace and the closers you think it will. It just breeds more hate and negative. Learn to forgive and to walk forward together in peace.

A Master Ascended back to spirit world last night and we are the poorer for it. But I heave no doubt that he will carry on his fight from the other side and we will feel his involvement for many years to come.

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