Psychic attack

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Psychic attack


I thought I’d pen a few words about the nasty business that is Psychic attack.  It’s a subject that has come up a lot in recent months in our house because of the actions of a couple of former friends.

I’ve been trying to come up with a phrase – buzz words that would put it simply but have failed to come up with a simple way of doing so.

So here is a explanation of what a Psychic attack is.  How to deal with the different forms and what you can do to help limit the damage caused.

What is a Psychic attack?

A Psychic attack is where the energy given off by another person either meant or not, affects you in a negative way.   This can be from Back Ground attack or Direct Attack.

Back ground attack

This is the form most people suffer from.  It’s where you are unwillingly attacked by another person.   Where the attack isn’t meant for you.   A good example of this is the round robin email I get at work.  Head office and our line managers are very fond of sending emails to groups of people to bemoan the lack of revenue, sales, not sticking to budgets etc.   I’m sure most people in most jobs will have had this type of thing land in there inbox from time to time.

Not address to a anyone in particular but it still a way of spreading negative energy.  This type of attack is perhaps the most dangerous as long term exposure to this type of attack can have very negative implications of your Heath, state of mind and relationships.   Because this type of attack tends to be constant it very quickly drains you of positive energy.  Which can lead to stress, being constantly tiered, grumpiness.  All very negative things.

Some forms of advertising are back ground attacks,   Ads that constantly tell you what to eat, drink, how you should look, what gadget you should have to keep up with the Jones are back ground attacks. Anything that takes away your positive energy is an attack.


The best way to deal with this type of attack is to over load yourself with positive energy.   Meditations, burning incense,  scented candles, getting regular Reiki treatments, walking in nature, carry protection crystals in your pocket, wear a charm that makes you feel protected.   I, have Amethyst on my door frames and wear a Pentangle charm to ward of the negative energies, surround yourself in white light….anything that reinforces your positive energy.

Direct attack.

The most dangerous and hardest to counter.  This is where someone directs negative energy directly at you.  A stand up fight, a very nasty verbal row, physical attack.  Think of the worst row you have ever had with your partner, boss, friend where you have been on the receiving end.  If it was unprovoked and not sort then this is the worst attack.   It will directly affect you on an emotional and sometimes physical leave.   Headache, stomach pains can all be a direct result of a Direct Psychic attack.

An extreme example of this happened to someone I used to work with, now sadly Passed over.    He was a lovely guy, Hindu, very loving towards his family, did his best to provide for his wife and two children.  Kept the Rituals and Festivals of his chosen path.  A nicer guy you could not wish to meet.    When the company he worked for employed a new Regional Manager who was totally materially minded, he hounded this lovely man.  Emails and phone calls and visits to his place of work.  Getting him to drive for an hour to another store for “further” training every day for 2 months.  In the end the he had enough and could not take the negativity of the Regional manager anymore.   He had a heart attack and Passed to Spirit leaving his wife to greave.    I will point out that He did not smoke, or drink, eat a vegetarian   diet because of his religious  beliefs.  Was only 55 and in good health.   The negative pounding he received from the regional manager quiet literally killed him.

Now that is an extreme example but Direct Psychic attack is not a nice thing to deal with.

There is only on way to deal with an attack like this…..leave the area straight away.  Remove yourself from the presence of the energy.  As soon as you can get some one to Smudge you, get a Reiki treatment, Swim in the sea.  You must get the negative energy off you as soon as possible.   Do not leave it to fester and grow or you will be the worse of for it.  Prolonged Direct Attack can quiet simply kill you in the end.

If you are receive this attack from a Psychic then the changes of you getting away with a less than a bad headache is very slim.  But be happy in the knowledge that Karmic energies will rebound on the Psychic as they should know better.

Area of Negative Energy

Not a Psychic attack as such but can still be very unpleasant if you suddenly walk in to a area of negative energy without knowing it.   Negative energy lingers where Hate and Fear have had a very strong hold of a person or a group.   Back in 2011 I was lucky enough to attend a Psychic Fair in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  After the years of troubles in that city and the surrounds you would expect the place to be dripping with negative energy from every building and person.  In fact the opposite is true.  The city centre has been rebuilt and the majority of people take a very Irish pride in their city.   However if you go up to the Upper Shankill Road you suddenly hit a wall of negative and nasty energy that remains there because of the hate and fear that is still carried by some of the people there and the buildings.

If you find an area of Negative energy (a room or confined area) you can….smudge the area, ask the angles to come and cleanse the area, and light white candles or positively charged energy candles to help lift the Negative from the area.

If the area is too big to cleanse on your own then maybe you and a friend can do it together.

Sometimes though no matter what you do, it will take a mind change of the people who use the area to cleanse it for good.

Please do not start getting overly worried about being around other people.  Unless you are a High Empath or a Clairsensative  Psychic or Medium, the chances are you won’t be effected to much by Back Ground attack but keep a couple of Crystal’s in your pocket just to make sure. And regularly get your Aura cleansed by Reiki or Aromatherapy, Crystal therapy, Hot stones…..whatever works for you.

And keep away from the Negative spewing people.   They are easy enough to spot.  Once you know the signs.

Love and light


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