The Guiding Principles











There are Rules that come with opening up yourself to the Realm of Spirit. Spirit’s one desire is that we all live peaceful , happy lives.


Be Gentle

In all things be Gentle. In word, speak only that which will encourage and guide. Be gentle in voice, never raise your voice in anger. Be mindful of the words you speak.


Be kind

Help those you can help. Kindness towards your fellow Spirit brothers and Sisters costs you nothing. Animals to have a Spirit, never turn your back on our Animal friends. There suffering at the hands of others is not acceptable. But never let others take advantage of your kindness. Are you really helping them? Never take pleasure in other peoples troubles. Karma is a nasty thing to move on from. The brother hood of man is more powerful and sacred then you would believe.


Be Honest

In all you do be honest and truthful. In live, in love and business. People who deceive others, deceive only themselves. Be Honest about who you are, what you seek. Never seek to move someone of their path with dishonest answers and malicious talk. Never treat a friend dishonestly, you will lose the bound of friendship.


Be accepting

Other people have to walk their path as you walk yours. Yours is not to judge people who’s path does not match your own. Spiritual, Sexual, Rich, Poor, Black or White. Everyone has the right to be honoured and accepted. No one has the right to Hate. Hate is the start of the path of negative energy that will plague you for all your days


Never take more then you need

In Business make what profit you need to, to keep home and body together. Make your life simple and have what you need, not what you want. Profit for Profit sake is the start of the path away from Spirit. Greed is the killer of abundance and self knowledge. Take pleasure in the simple life, do you really need that mansion, that 3rd car, the holiday in the sun. Be measured as the person you are, not by the wealth you hold on to out of fear of not having. Like wise our earthly home most be respected. Planet Earth sustains us on our earthly journey and must be looked after


Meditate Daily

Keep the channel to the Divine open and clear. Allow the energy’s of Spirit to move round you and feel the peace and grace of the Universe bind to your own Spirit. Allow the example of the Ancients and the Ascended to guide you to your true home.

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