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One of the hardest things, in this modern world is to keep the work/life balance. It’s hard for me being a single chap, but I watch my sister juggle work and kids and collage and think….how does she do it!

One of the best things about Spirit for me is that it gives me that breathing space for a bit every day. My 20 minutes meditation is now essential for me to keep me centred and to allow Spirit to work through me. It helps recharge my energies so that I can then go about my daily life with my Life Principles held firmly in my heart.

Some one once said its about the choices you make. But first you have to understand yourself and the person that you want to be. Once you know that then it’s easy to make the choices that you need to make. If for you the quest for profit and money is your driving factor then you’ll know what you will have to do, and properly burn yourself out in the process. If your looking for a more balanced life where family and friends, loving relationships and a sense of well being are more important then you may have to make more serious choices.

This world doesn’t really give a lot of time for people who decide that money is not everything. But don’t give them the time that they crave from you. Be your own person and live life your way.

There is nothing in this world more important then being true to yourself and what you believe. After all your troll of a boss and his accounts will properly all have heart attacks from the stress they create when your sat with your grand kids enjoying the pleasures of this world.

Love and light

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