First steps on your Journey

    First Steps on your Journey


Every Spiritual Journey starts from the same point. The acceptance that there is something out there, bigger, and more powerful then you. Once you have got around that in your head, the next twp step is always the same. The desire and willingness to find out what is there, and the willingness to put what you learn in to practice in your daily life.


There are no right or wrong paths to follow; you follow your own path. Use what is right for you. As you walk your path people will come in to your life to help guide you, to teach you and to be taught by you. Some you will recognise what role they play at the time others….not so much but what they teach will always encourage and guide you on your own path.


Some people chose a more formal path, with set rules, practises and teachings. Others follow a more informal path, borrowing from all the traditions, western and eastern, Formal Religions and Pagan in origin, to make their own path.


There is no right or wrong path but you must respect those who walk a different path from you. We are all Children of Spirit, beings of light and it’s not for us to judge what is right for others. We must respect those who walk a different path.


My own path started in the formal surroundings of the Anglican Faith, Baptised in to the church of England. It took me from extreme left wing Evangelical style to the extreme Right wing of incense, and ceremony. I had 3 years in a Anglican Monastery before I left the Christian faith to find my own path. Yet the things I learnt back then help guide me still today. Very open to the movement of (Holy) Spirit, embracing new ways of finding that connection with the Devine, through modern songs and technologies. Yet my Ceremony’s are very formal and when in the right mood, flamboyant. In the Monastery is where I first began to question and then seek my own answers. When you live a life free of daily worry’s….work pressure and stress, money worry’s, ….it gives you a spiritual freedom to ask and seek. The Monks of The Society of the Sacred Mission taught me what it’s like to have meditation as part of your daily routine, the important of ongoing seeking and questioning. Blind faith is no gift!.


Now back out in the real world I’ve learnt how easy it is to be pushed off your path, how it can be a struggle to keep your Spiritual Principles when all around you are working hard in the quest for profit at all costs.


When I found Spiritualism and the work that Psychic’s and Mediums do……everything feel in to place for me and I knew that I had found my home. And it is here that I continue to grow daily in light and in love.


Walking your path is a life long journey, even when you find your Spiritual home, that is only the first stages of your journey. The most important step is to use what you have learnt in your daily life. If you know that something is wrong, you have to stand up to it.

One of my biggest guidance peaces I have on my Alter at home is a small card brought from some Cathedral book shop somewhere, I forget where which has the Prayer of St Francis on it.

Where there is injury let me bring pardon

Where there is doubt, faith

Where there is darkness, light

Where there is sorrow, joy

Where there is despair, hope.


O master grant that I may never seek, so much to be consoled as to console. To be understood as to understand. To be loved as to love with all my soul.


The great joy of the path I walk is that I borrow from every one.

I Meditate after the Buddha

I have an Alter in the Wiccan Style

I learn from the example of the Christian Saints

I seek wisdom from the Hindus and Sikhs

I find grace and understand in the saying’s of Confucius

I understand the teaching of the Earth Traditions….Druids’, North American Indians, Wiccan


All are perfectly valid and I respect all their followers and teachers.


I have a strong belief in the Afterlife, death is just us going “home” and our loved ones from this life are there waiting for us. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Evil and negativity are very real and most be worked against.


The Ascended Masters (Prophets, Teachers, Saints) are there to guide you. Your Angels are there to help you. Your Spirit Guides look after you. All are there for your help and just need to be called upon.

In this day and age, the love of money is the route of all evil. Those who have turned their back on Spiritual are the ones that will cause you pain. Those who claim to be Spiritual but do not practice in their daily lives are just as bad.


But all of this falls by the way side when in dreams and visions and Meditations the Secrets of the Universe are reviled to you. When the High Priestess draws back the veil in the Temple and allows you in to the world of Spirit and love. When you see your life and relationships improve beyond your dreams. When you let go of the Material and accept the Spiritual in to your heart.


Love and light


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