16th June 2019

full moon 2

After an amazing day yesterday at our Crystal Healing workshop and as it’s the first of night of the 3 Full Moon nights tonight, I thought I would postup a little how to for Moon Water.

Making Moon water is very simple, it’s all in the timing.   For the best results for Moon water it’s best to make it on eaither of the first two nights of the full moon.  If you are following a Moon Spell or useing it to make Crystal Essences, which is one of the use’s for Moon Water then the timing is slightly differant.  But for simple moon water then first two nights are best.

bottled mineral water




I use bottled shop brought mineral water, you can but large inexpenses bottles form most super markets.  As long as it’s not tap water then any other water will do.  Collected rain water may be used, but I would recomeded putting it through a filter of some sort just to get the bug life out of it. I would also be carefull about drinking large amounts of it too, just in case.

glass jug.jpg



You can decant the water in to a glass jug if you wish, just put a bit of cheese cloth over the jug just to stop the bug from’s falling in to it.

Set an intent to the water.  You can do that as your tradition dictates.  Say a prayer over it, send out the thoughts to the Universe, mumble an incarnation over it.  But the intention should be that the moon bless your water with it’s energy so that you can use it.  Allow the water to stay out all night and first thing in the morning pop the lid back on and the moon water is ready for use.  Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight, I keep mine uder my desk.   To keep the water topped up with energy I but the remaning water out for a top up at the next full moon when I put my Crystals out.

What would you use Moon water for?

I use it for cleansing Crystals, making Crystal essnces, cleaning and blessing magik tools.  It also the bases for some love spells and protectin spells.

I hope you have fun making and useing your water.  Just remember as always the 3 fold rule.  The energy you send out is the energy you get back.

Love and light


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8th June 2019

Good evening all it’s been a while since I posted so I just wanted to tell you about what’s been happening the last 24hrs.

Last night I was very luck to be at a Ladies Pamper evening at the White Hart in Andover, run by Andover Alternatives. I love doing these type of evening as you never know what type of reading you’ll be giving and how you might be able to help the people that come to your table.

This afternoon I was at Winchester Church Psychic cuppa afternoon again doing “Speed dating” readings. Speed dating readings is what I affectional call it when you do 3 or more 15 – 20 minutes readings one after another. it’s just like speed dating, bell rings and you change partners.

Anyway I’ve done 10 readings in the last 24hrs. The connecting theme with most of the readings has been balance.

Because I’m talking about muggles here, I’m not talking about the energy balance that we as light workers need to maintain to be able to do our job. It’s the need to keep a balance in our life’s. The need to have a work, life, personal, family balance.

In the modern world we are required to be always on the go. It’s very hard to call a stop and just be for a small moment. But it is so essential that you do.

With out taking that moment to breath and just be in the moment you are allowing the pressure’s of life to come out of balance and that’s when things start to go wrong. From personal experience I know that when my work life took me off balance I was then very ill for a very long time. That I need to take 6 months off working to get back on balance again.

I would suggest to you all that you take time to make sure that you keep your balance.

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2 years on

As some of you will have seen, yesterday was my anniversary. It was 2 years since my heart attack. It is still the biggest game changer that has ever happened to me. This time last year i wasn’t in a good place. Although the physical side of recovery was going well, I’d stopped smoking, lost the weight, started on my regular daily walks, my mental health was in total disarray

This past year I have been trying to sort that out, by getting help and trying to see the positive side in everything. Anxiety is my biggest issue, but only when I’m in the house in my own for more than a couple of days. It’s the thought of something happening and being on my own and not knowing If id know what to do, be able to do it. When I first came out of hospital I couldn’t go more then a day with out having some one around just in case but over time this is gotten to 3 or 4 days before the anxiety kicks in.

I’ve also have PTSD diagnosed as well. I was having flash backs, not to the event it’s self but bring back in hospital where you are on show for the whole world to see, attached to machines and drips and you aren’t allowed to move around freely. It was scary being in hospital and not really knowing what had happened or what they had done to me. Don’t get me wrong I’m very grateful that they put the two stent I needed in to my heart and I know that the care I had was the best the NHS can offer but I’m not a hospital person and it has lead to flash backs and panic attacks.

But now I’ve found ways to control them and they have near enough stopped. Although I have recently refused some dental work, that needed to be done in hospital rather than at my dentists. Because the thought of being back in a hospital bed and being dented the freedom to move around was to much for me

Although at least this time I didn’t wig out in the waiting room when I went to see the consultant, which has happened when I’ve had to go back to cardiology in the past

So how did it work for me? Well I must admit that it’s down to walking and using mindfulness techniques. These have helped save my sanity this past year. By being in the moment and seeking the joy in that moment it doesn’t leave room for any of the negative thoughts to over run your mind. Also I’ve found that crochet is a really good way of being in the moment, it works a lot better for me than listening to music or reading does.

Mindfulness and meditation to help ease out the negative thoughts and to allow in the positive. Although it can be something that you really have to work at some times but it is truly worth the benefits of it. Give it a try and see what happens

So as I head in to year 3 there is still more to do but I’m grateful now for each day I have to enjoy and to find that special moment in.

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ramblings 15 feb 2019

podcast link

It’s been a while and as most of you will know ive been spending the last couple of months working on and getting the Podcast’s up and running.

I’ve now put a link up on the main web site, www.spiritways.co.uk  rather than rely on facebook doing it’s thing without trying me to charge me for doing Ads.

I’ve been looking at ways to use new tech to get things out to people and I’m happy to say that the podcast’s seem to be going well.  which I am very pleased about.

But the life of a jobbing Psychic is never dull and I’m still doing the monthly Coffee afternoon at Winchester church, now under the Gaurdianship of Megnta Catz.   Rachael and I have also moved the groups we used to host at Winnall Community centre out to The Warren Centre at Micheldever.   It’s a much nicer room and parking is better.  People still come up from winchester so if you would like to come, give a shout out on the facebook page and I’m sure you’ll be able to to get a lift out to them.

We have added a development group to the chit-chat and healing share.

Month Group Notice


I’m also going to be doing a talk at the Andover Alternatives group on the 12th of March.  So if your in the area than please pop along.

I also now have space avaiable for Readings at home and if you would like to book one than please do get in touch.

Hope your all well and enjoying the early spring sun shine.

Love and light


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29th January 2019

Link to this weeks Podcast. https://www.buzzsprout.com/admin/episodes

It really helps if I get the feed back so that I can put in the things that people want to know about.

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15th January 2019

What an amazing night last night! A massive thank you to those who came along to Rachael’s and mine first Spiritual Development evening. I am so pleased with how you all worked and got in to the evening. Thank you so much. I’ll be email things out at the weekend so keep an eye on your in box’s

Thank you


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January Chitchat

Our first chit chat of 2019 and our first gathering in our new home at The warren centre. It was brilliant to have some new faces with us this month as well

It was also very nice to welcome Rachael back after maternity leave.

This month we looked at past lives, trying to gain an understanding on how they can effect your currant experience on the earth plane. We also explored the links between reincarnation and your soul progress. How the lessons learned in each live add to the experience and work towards your Souls journey towards enlightenment.

All of us in the group had story’s to tell of past lives that we already know about. My great love of either military or monastic living, with spells of hermit and witch thrown in for good measure.

To close off the evening we had a quick look at soul groups and why you would want to travel around with the same group of souls

A very interesting and lovely evening

Next week is the first of our Spiritual Development evenings. This is an open group and any one of any ability is welcome to come along. £8 for the evening. And don’t forget that all groups are now at The Warren Centre

Love and light


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1st January 2019










Today I got to do something that I only get to do once a year, and it is one of the few things I really look forward to. I opened this years diary.

365 days of endless possibility’s that can be filled with as much wonder and amazement as you can pack in. You see, it’s your life and you can do just about what ever you want to do with it. A wise man once said to me that you can’t control what life throws at you, but you can chose to control how your react to it. And those have been my watch words ever since. It’s not always easy, but then not a lot in life is these days. But it’s wise words to try and live by.

The joy of new diary may only be apparent to stationary geeks like me but just think about it. If you had 365 days to fill with only the things you want to do with them what would you fill yours with?

I fill mine with Birthdays and Anniversary’s of those who I love so that I can send them good wishes’ and positive energy on there special days.

I note down my daily tarot reading so that I’ve got a record of what guidance I’ve had through for the day

I also add in the full moon dates and the dates of the major feast’s and festivals for the year. Mine are a mix of the Wiccan tradition and Saints of the Christian year that I want to keep.

I add in my daily meditation notes, as well as any thoughts and feelings that I had come in through the day. So that my link with Spirit is recorded, so I can go back and check what I’ve been getting through.

So my diary is filled with Love and link’s with Spirit and I think that sounds like a good way to fill 365 days.

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December chit chat 2018

On the last chit chat of this year it was wonderful to sit and share stories of our Christmas traditions. No matter our back grounds or where we are right now in our lives the best Christmas’s we remembered where when the whole extended families used to come together and share that special festive time. In this day when famlies are spread over many miles, even country’s its the magic of the season that can still draw us together.

It’s important to, we discovered to pass on family traditions to our young ones. Do you dec the halls in November, half way through December or on Christmas Eve? Do you trudge off to midnight mass on a cold frosty Christmas Eve night, or is listening to the Nine lessons and carols from kings collage part of your family’s traditions. Does your mum still use the paper star you made in reception class at school, are your great grannys Christmas tree bubbles still given a loving home nestled in the depths of your tree so the dog can’t knock them off with his tail?

Perhaps you observe some of the older pagan traditions, although even the modern Victorian Christmas is still based around most of them if you think about it.

Do you buy in to the whole commercial Christmas and pray the credit card will take the strain?

No matter how you keep your traditions over the festive session we all agreed that it’s family, be that blood relations or the family you have made for yourself that counts most at this time of year. We gave thanks to the community projects that try and bring lonely and single person households together for the day and sent them love and light.

This is the last report from chit chat for this year and from winnall community centre. From January we will be in our new home at the warren centre in micheldever

Love light and Christmas’s blessings to you and your loved ones this festive season

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November Chit Chat

It was so good to have 10 people for this months Chit Chat group, last night in Winnall. This month our main theme was Spirit Guides. What you can expect from them, what they will help you out with. Looking at Guides from the Psychic / Mediumship point of view we found out that your guide is your best friend in Spirit and you can rely on them to point your in the right direction.


The best way to get to know your Guide is by just being in the moment, and asking them to come through to you. Guide energys are bigger and stronger then that of a Spirit person, but not as big as Anglic energys. Once you’ve got used to the energy of your guide you can talk to them and ask them all sort’s of questions. My guide, Sam, loves to talk and will chatter on for hours for I let him.

There are all sort’s of Guides that you can get to know. You may have an animal guide that you can get to know, Dragon Guide and you will have a Gaurdian Angel as well.

Don’t worry if you Guide hasn’t come forwad for you yet. Trust that they are there. You can ask them to give you a sign that they are around. Some of us said that they tickle the end of your nose, or you can feel that they have put there hands on your shoulders. Never worry that they aren’t they and arent working for you.

As always we drifted off on subjects and followed thoughts from the group to explore other area’s of energy work. This is always a good and posative thing because we cover topics that need to be covered for someone in the group that night. We touched on Higher-self work and how to keep yourself grounded.

Next month we will be looking at the traditions of the Yule session. Every body is welcome. It will be the last Chit Chat group at Winnal before we move to our new home at The Warren Centre in Michldever in January.


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