West Berkshire Witch

I hope you are all well and are coping with what ever local or national COVID restrictions are in your area

For me lock down has been a chance to re-examine where I am on my spiritual path and where it might be leading me and over the summer I have been allowing my inner witch to come forward.

This has meant that I have started on a re-brand of my social media and website accounts and I am pleased to start in the new West Berkshire Witch part of my journey. Of course with lock down the Mind Body Spirit fairs and events haven’t been happening as they used to do, but once we are allowed to hold these again I will be attending as I used to do.

Over the next few months I’ll be launching a new web site with an improved on line store selling all the old favourites and a few of the things I have been working on over the summer.

I’d like to thank you all for being with me and as I go through this rebirth in to a new me I’d like to invite you on carry on with me on my journey

Blessed be


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Good morning,

Been a while since I posted again. But today I wanted to share some of the things that have been happening since I came out of the Broom Closet a couple of months ago

I’ve found some wonderful Facebook groups to join that have some wonderful posts in them full of ideas and sharing for the modern witch

I’ve also found that my creative streak has jumped up a notch or two as well. In May I treated myself to a cricut joy cutting machine. So I’ve been getting up to speed with vinyl and things like that

As part of working out that the witch path was the one for me I went through the whole identity thing again. You would think coming out as gay early on in my life this type thing would be easy now but did I really want to be known as and identified as a witch? The witch’s I knew from my years on the MBS Fairs tended to fall in to two categories. Really nice fluffy types that you just want to beat over the head with a big lump of Himalayan salt or they where doing there best to show the worst side of witchcraft by being witch n bitches. So I was a bit worried about how that would fit for me.

One of the parts of being a witch is to do you bit to move the idea of “the witch” forward. We are a thousand miles away from anything Disney came up with and as a solitary witch I have to live with the way I present myself. Also when you start to wear your power and truths in your sleeve you have to be prepared to back it up when the questions get asked. Or be prepared to fight for your life if things turn really bad. As any newly out gay man will tell you the fear of a bashing is very real

So in my little head I’ve put the two together. My witch creative side and my new hobby of vinyl cutting.

And I came up with my new hoodie design.

Now I always wear a hoodie, apart from at work as it’s not acceptable uniform apparently. I chose a hoodie because of the hood. It reminds me a monk’s cowl (the hoods that monks wear as part of the monastic habit) so the garment has monastic reminders for me of my days in the monasteries. The dark blue I chose partly for a change, I had black for my last two hoodies and partly because blue represents divine power and wisdom

The symbols down the right arm are the important bit. Triple moon for I am always and for ever under the guidance and protection of the Goddess. Pentagram is the my chosen symbol of my witch path. The double male symbol as it represents another part of me, my sexuality. Being “straight acting” gay is a blessing and a curse. It’s kept my safe from physical harm all these years but i also feel hidden as well. Hidden from my own community as I wanted to put that on my sleeve as well. The eye of Horus to represent my psychic abilities and the start of my journey in the “non traditional” spiritual pathways

Although we are taught not to judge others on appearance we all do it and what you put forward is important as it does give a glimpse to the passer by of what and who you are and in your beliefs. As part of my witch path it was important for me to put that front and centre and give a little viewing of what I really am. I’m taking ownership of my inner witch if you like.

We know that the word glamour is linked with the fashion industry but in witch terms a glamour is a way of hiding something by covering it. Making it look better than it really is. In most cases or trying to hide in plan site. Very useful in the Middle Ages when witch hunters where in every village and town. By using shiny vinyl for my symbols I’m using the essence of the glamour spell. In this case not to hide but to present forward.

So that was the thinking behind my new hoodie design

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27th April 2020. Proud Witch

Although I’d love to have that body, the Goddess blessed me in other ways.

After joining I my first Zoom Healing Share last night with some of my best friends I have decided to do something that I never thought I’d have to do again, not in this life time anyway.

I am proud and very happy to come out….as a Witch.

Not the first time I’ve stepped out of the closet but it’s still just as life changing and scary as when I came out as gay over 30 years ago….I’m so old!

I will admit that a lot of keeping it quiet has been because of the reasons in my head. I’ve got a strong Christian background and certain dogmas still hover over me, but that’s my problem to deal with. But it was a big step to over come that and grab my Athame and tell it to go do one. What would people think? Well I suspect a lot of my Spiritual friends will say what took you so long, we’ve known for ages. Or well it doesn’t surprise me.

I’m well past the point of giving a whatsit about what non spirituals think. About most things to be honest. I try not to get bogged down about the things they worry about as important because to be honest displays of wealth and status are just showing off and I want to know you for you not the size of your bank balance. And as having lots of money and material things usually means you’ve had to sell any brain power or sense of individualism surgical removed.

I remember when I first started out in the Spiritual world, when my Psychic abilities where just starting to kick in, one of my very first visions I had was very clear. The Goddess came to me and told me very clearly not to go down the witch path at this time. So I’ve spent the least 10 years working on my Psychic and empathic side. Learning about Energy and how it works and how to use it correctly. I’ve given readings, lots of readings, written and lead workshops, attended courses, learnt from some of the best local, National and International Mediums, been taught the SNU dos and don’ts of Platform work. I’ve been attuned for Reiki and Crystal healing and done my rounds of the MBS fairs and church open days. And have a wonderful time doing it.

But I’ve always felt something was lacking. I’ve always felt like I was missing something, something didn’t quiet fit. I understood the philosophy’s that the spiritual movement uses and worked them in to my daily life as best I could but something still wasn’t right for me.

What I love about the path I am following is that it still has the freedoms of the Spiritual movement but it also has the structure and rules that I so desperately missed. Right from my Monastic days I’ve enjoyed a bit of Ritual and Structure to my day and I get this following the Witch Path.

I’m loosely following the Hedgewitch tradition, as a solitary practitioner. Hedgwitchs traditionally lived outside of the village on the edge of the woods, outside of the day to day preoccupations of men, looking after the wildlife and plant life. She sits between the physical world and the Spirit world, in that gray area between them. And I feel that that describes my version of Spiritual to a T. And with my love of gardening and growing things it just fits for me. Because the Goddess was the first Deity to come to me I still follow her guidance and advice. She still visits me and I recognise and honour her in all her forms.

I’m solitary because I have no wish to join a coven and get involved in the bitching and back stabbing that accompanies any organised group. I’m more than happy to learn my own way my way.

I’m not a Wiccan, but a witch. I don’t follow the rules or traditions of that group

I spell cast when I need to and not just for the sake of doing it like some traditions, and I will admit to a good success rate so far so I must be doing something right.

So why was important to write this blog and to come out again. Because to be truly able to stand in my power and own my beliefs it’s important to be full open and honest about who and what you are. And because from here on in my work is going to take a very different turn then what I’ve been doing for the last 10 years. It’s new and exciting and I’m so looking forward to seeing where this path takes me. I hope some of you come along for the ride and engage with me the same as you always have

As were coming up on Beltane, my first as a out and open witch, I’ve started to plan out this years Rite which has been fun to do

One last thing I want to leave with you. Witch is a non binary name. I am a proud male witch

Blessed be


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6th April 2020

Good morning

I’m sure I’m not going to be the first, but I’m going to put this out here.

Yesterday I saw a post from Kylie Gray basically saying that he had stopped using the term “every thing happens for a reason”. Could how could he say that when people are dying and we’re losing loved ones. That’s not good and positive

For the universe to work there has to be balance. And what we are seeing at the moment is the earth trying to balance out what we have been doing to it for the past 100 years.

So yes there is a reason for what’s happening and it’s mans refusal to see that we are meant to work in balance and harmony with our plant

One of my big hopes for when we come out of virus is that the world will have changed slightly and some of the other imbalances will be seen. High paid V low paid. Rich V poor. Universal health care V paid for insurance system. But my fear is that in the rush to get back to “normal” the lessons we are meant to be leaning will be lost.

So my dears, I think we can expect to see more of these natural crisis in the coming decades until we learn our lesions

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5th April 2020

woodland path

I hope that you are all keeping well and safe during this time of Virus and self isolation.   For those of us that follow a more soulatery path, it hasn’t really effected us as much as it has the rest of the country.   For the solo practioners and hedgewitches amoung us it’s been nice to see the rest of you try and walk our path for a while.  And I must say that most of you are crap at it.  For us the process of self isolation is a chosen daily path that we feel at one with.  For being a step away from the rest of the world we are able to be closer to the natural world and to the spiritual one.

Although my plans for moving to Yorkshire have been put on hold for the duration, I am very lucky that Im currently glamping out in the country side of West Berkshire.  True to my Tradition we are the last house in the village and just over the garden fence I am surroudned by woodland.  I wake up every morning in the dabbled shade of the Oak’s, Ash and pine trees with the birds singing.  Spring is now with us and the woodland floor is bursting with wild primrose and the daffodils.   We have Monk Jack deer in the wood and Im sure over the last week I’ve heard a cucko in the woods as well.  We also have a pair of Foxes close by and in the evening you can hear the Vixon barking as the sun goes down.  We have grey squrils running up and down the trees and along the telephone wire connected to the house.

The Hedgerow herbs are growing and I’ve spotted some lovely Borage, wild Sage.  I’m sure there are loads more that I’m missing and I wish I had my herb books with me, but they have already made the trip up the M1 and are waiting for me to join them.

I know I’m also lucky that as a Key worker I am still going in to work and am able to be earning.   I know lots of you will have finanicle worrys to be dealing with too, which can’t be easy.

The Goddess is truly watching over me at this time and I do feel blessed.

I have been doing a lot of writing and have started to pull togther idea’s for a workshop that Racheal and myself have penciled in for November (more news about that closer to the time).   As most of you know I am a great beliver in the power of Journaling and all my spiritual, mental health journaling is paying off at this unsettling time.   Which is a big bonus for me and my life with PTSD and anxiety.  Im also contuning my studys and have a Centre of Excelance course waiting for me to start in the coming week.

So at the moment life is good and I’m keeping busy.

I would encourage all of you to keep up with your spiritual practise’s during this time.  Mindfulness when your out on your dialy exercise will help bring down the anxiety and stress levels, take a turn aorund the local park or step in to the energy of the local woods, as I am doing every day.  The weather is warming up and it’s a great time to be out watchin nature come back alive after a very wet and windy winter.

Now the clocks have gone forward you can take time to meditate out in the garden in the evening sun.  This really is a time to be able to take a step back and just be.  Allow your own spirutal energy to flow and see whre it takes you.  Question your life before virus and come up with ways you can make it better when you are back to work.  Make notes so you don’t forget as you get caught up in what will be a very big whril wind of activity and stress when restrtions are lifited.  Use this time to see what is truly imporant in your life and how you can make that reality in the years ahead.

Keep safe and well, blessed be



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28th August 2019

Right now I’m going through a big creative phase, Hobbycraft think I’m there best friend the amount of time I’ve been hanging around the store. I’ve brought paper and pencils brushes and paints and I am having a wonderful time putting down thoughts and images on to paper

I’m not an artist. A 5 year old would be happy with the things that I’m coming up with. Finger painting for adults is so over looked it’s an amazing way of getting things out of your system.

I’m still not sure why I’m having this creative spurt at this stage in my life. Trying not to over think it, which I could easily do…..am trying to express overly repressed emotions or getting out things I need to so or am I trying to re connect in to something…..I have no idea, I’m just enjoying the experience

What started it off was, I’ve been reading and studying a book I brought for my to self birthday present this year

A lot of what I’m drawing and painting is practice sigil a bit I have noticed I have started to look at the everyday world around me and kinda seeing it with new eyes, the way I think a proper artist would look at things. I’ve noticed the shade of green if tress and the angles of walls and floors in buildings.

This has all been a wonderful experience and I am so enjoying it.

It doesn’t matter if your good at it what is important is that you express your inner creative. Weather that’s be writing, which I always do, or by creating a picture with pencil and paints or making something with your hands. I’m a good crochet person too. And who doesn’t love a home made cake given with love.

Reach back to your pre-school days and slap some poster paint around and just see what your create. Allow the creative energy to flow and see what the universe is showing you.

I have found that it’s lovely experience and it’s doing a lot to lover my stress level as my world starts to change (more on that in the coming weeks) just a little tease dropped in

Don’t forget to express your creative and have a bit of fun

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14th August 2019

Last night, the devlopment group that I run with Rachael’s Reiki and Beyond has our 3rd “field work” exercise of the summer.

So far this year we have been up to White Hill / Watership down in North Hampshire and we’ve also been around the Micheldever village where the group is based

Last night we went around Winchester city centre and down around the Cathedral

It never fails to amaze me the fun we have put in field work. It’s not ghost hunting or paranormal investigating, it’s just being in a space and using our physic and empathic abilities to read a space, see what is there, see if we can move old, negative energy so the space is a happier place to be

The reason we do this is because energy work is not just sat with clients giving readings and healings. Although that is important work, it’s also fun to just go out in to a space and be able to read it.

Up on white hill we managed to clear blockages on the lay line and removed old stale energy in the area. As we moved the energy the sun came out and the birds started to sing. A sure sign you have moved on negative energy

In Micheldever we had great fun around the railways station. Railway stations are always god places to practice your reading skills. There will almost always be residual energy from someone who took themselves over to spirit. If it’s an older station you’ll always be able to find soldiers from the wars waiting to be moved out on exercise or going home on leave. Also at Micheldever there is a train tunnel just up the track from the station and the energy coming out of that tunnel was very interesting and could really do with a proper investigation

Last night as we walked the Winchester streets we found residual energy going back to medieval times. I had cardinal worseley with me for a while, reliving his first arrival at the cathedral as archbishop. We also had people who had been held in prison, beggars who had died on winter streets. It was a very interesting and fun evening.

We take the group out to experience these energy’s so they know what it is if they come up against something similar when giving readings. It also expands your knowledge of energy, how it works, how to work with energy that you find, and most importantly learning how to deal with negative energy so the space is cleansed and made pleasant again

We have one more planned for this year so keep an eye on Facebook events and posts to see where we are

Session 2 of the podcasts are now being posted up on iTunes and Spotify. Search for Spiritways to find them.

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3rd August 2019


Just a follow on from the last post.   I buried this bit of smoky quartz in the veg patch about 2 months ago.   It was given to me by a friend to cleanse and use as I see fit.  We knew that it had an attachment from the person who had given it to her.  So it’s been buried in the middle of the Runner Beans for the last couple of months.   I’m happy to report that it is now attachment free and as I hoped it has come out of the ground darker in colour and the energy coming of it at the moment……its humming around the table at the moment.

Always be carefull if you bury stuff.  Know where it is, mark the place and like some of the crystals in water you may lose a little bit of it if it is very wet.  Best to be done during the summer months.

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16th June 2019

full moon 2

After an amazing day yesterday at our Crystal Healing workshop and as it’s the first of night of the 3 Full Moon nights tonight, I thought I would postup a little how to for Moon Water.

Making Moon water is very simple, it’s all in the timing.   For the best results for Moon water it’s best to make it on eaither of the first two nights of the full moon.  If you are following a Moon Spell or useing it to make Crystal Essences, which is one of the use’s for Moon Water then the timing is slightly differant.  But for simple moon water then first two nights are best.

bottled mineral water




I use bottled shop brought mineral water, you can but large inexpenses bottles form most super markets.  As long as it’s not tap water then any other water will do.  Collected rain water may be used, but I would recomeded putting it through a filter of some sort just to get the bug life out of it. I would also be carefull about drinking large amounts of it too, just in case.

glass jug.jpg



You can decant the water in to a glass jug if you wish, just put a bit of cheese cloth over the jug just to stop the bug from’s falling in to it.

Set an intent to the water.  You can do that as your tradition dictates.  Say a prayer over it, send out the thoughts to the Universe, mumble an incarnation over it.  But the intention should be that the moon bless your water with it’s energy so that you can use it.  Allow the water to stay out all night and first thing in the morning pop the lid back on and the moon water is ready for use.  Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight, I keep mine uder my desk.   To keep the water topped up with energy I but the remaning water out for a top up at the next full moon when I put my Crystals out.

What would you use Moon water for?

I use it for cleansing Crystals, making Crystal essnces, cleaning and blessing magik tools.  It also the bases for some love spells and protectin spells.

I hope you have fun making and useing your water.  Just remember as always the 3 fold rule.  The energy you send out is the energy you get back.

Love and light


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8th June 2019

Good evening all it’s been a while since I posted so I just wanted to tell you about what’s been happening the last 24hrs.

Last night I was very luck to be at a Ladies Pamper evening at the White Hart in Andover, run by Andover Alternatives. I love doing these type of evening as you never know what type of reading you’ll be giving and how you might be able to help the people that come to your table.

This afternoon I was at Winchester Church Psychic cuppa afternoon again doing “Speed dating” readings. Speed dating readings is what I affectional call it when you do 3 or more 15 – 20 minutes readings one after another. it’s just like speed dating, bell rings and you change partners.

Anyway I’ve done 10 readings in the last 24hrs. The connecting theme with most of the readings has been balance.

Because I’m talking about muggles here, I’m not talking about the energy balance that we as light workers need to maintain to be able to do our job. It’s the need to keep a balance in our life’s. The need to have a work, life, personal, family balance.

In the modern world we are required to be always on the go. It’s very hard to call a stop and just be for a small moment. But it is so essential that you do.

With out taking that moment to breath and just be in the moment you are allowing the pressure’s of life to come out of balance and that’s when things start to go wrong. From personal experience I know that when my work life took me off balance I was then very ill for a very long time. That I need to take 6 months off working to get back on balance again.

I would suggest to you all that you take time to make sure that you keep your balance.

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